The Art of Falling

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Somi Han and Joshua Kang had been best friends for as long as anyone could remember (it had really only been about five years, but those five years felt a bit like forever). But that was until Joshua's brother, Jack, climbed into his car after a night of drinking, early New Year's morning, and drove home, striking and killing Sungmin Han, Somi's seventeen-year-old brother, at the crossroads of their neighborhood.

A year and a half later, Somi is just beginning to put her life back together. Hoping to leave the tragic memories behind, she moves into the city for the summer—an attempt to start fresh.

Only, it's hard to start fresh when your next door neighbor turns out to be a tall, dark, and handsome, well, ex-best friend—Joshua Kang.


if the hardest part of loving you was losing you,

then at least i'd have known the beginning and end.

but the hardest part of loving you was loving you,

not knowing how to stop once i began.

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