Calm The Fire: 92

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Blind panic was something which Náriel and Fíli were immediately confronted with when they ran out of Bard's home. People flocked the streets, they clutched onto each other, shouting in fear and looking up to the sky.

Náriel briefly looked up and just continued on her way, though she had to shove past a few people to get to where she wanted to be. Glancing upwards she saw Tauriel jump easily from roof to roof, she skidded to a stop and looked down at her and Fíli briefly before continuing on her way.

Skidding around a corner the two stopped and looked around the corner. They were hiding near someone's house, they both recoiled though as something got dropped out of the window. Both looking up they frowned and looked at each other. With all that's going on someone still saw fit to seemingly through waste out of the window.

“I think we should move,” Fíli stated and got an agreeing nod from Náriel. They managed to stick to the shadows and move off to another house which was close by. Sheltering down near some barrels they briefly looked to the side.

“To arms! To arms! Any and all able bodies must be called into action!”

Fíli looked down at the ground and was resisting to say something. “What an idiot.” Náriel said his thoughts for him, despite the timing he laughed. It was the Master who was exclaiming this. Regardless they set their sights back on the building which currently held Bard under lock and key.

Looking sharply to the side they watched as Bofur came running along wildly flailing his arms in the air and shouting. Náriel rolled her eyes, he was perhaps being a little too dramatic, but it got the point across.

There was exclaiming from the Dwarf, short comments shouted at him which resulted in him being thrown out of the building. Right at this point Tauriel shot an arrow to the ground which landed in between all of the males.

The guards exclaimed and unsheathed their swords, Tauriel jumped down and walked over simply. “This Dwarf is to be bought back to Mirkwood under the orders of the Elvenking.” She said with authority.

“This Dwarf is to actually to be put in a cell for his comrades actions.” A guard said. Referring to the arrival of Smaug.

Fíli and Náriel looked to each other. “Are they actually fighting over Bofur?” Fíli questioned, Náriel gave a shrug just as the sound of something cutting through the air sailed overhead. It went silent then. All of Lake Town seemed to stop in quiet heavy anticipation.

Náriel looked up and then quickly back to the scene in front of her. By now the guards had taken to arguing with Tauriel, while she distracted them Bofur managed to sneak back into the building.

“Come on, that's our cue.” Fíli patted her on the shoulder and moved forwards past her. Náriel ran closely behind. They managed to stick to the shadows and cross the street without the guards noticing them. They were busy trying to get dibs on being the ones of putting Bofur in a cell.

Upon noticing the being they were conversing about was missing, the guards shouted and ran back into the building. Only when they did one was attacked by Bofur, who wielded a wooden chair with deadly efficiency, and the other was attacked from behind by Tauriel who simply gave him a good hit over the head. Both guards fell to the floor with heavy thuds.

Appearing through the back way Fíli and Náriel moved around the cells. They were checking to see if anyone else was in here. If there was, they'd need to be set free too.

“What's going on? Listen to me! You don't understand what is about to happen!”

“I think we found him,” Náriel said while walking along and tentatively peeking around and up through the bars. Upon seeing her he double took. “Master Bard, it is good to see you in one piece.”

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