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After meeting what did seem to be all two hundred of them, the line finally ended. Ian led the way to a group of people who had been waving at them on and off since they'd arrived. Sonora blew out a sigh of relief when they all gave her a friendly smile.

A young woman introduced herself as Ara, then the rest of the group before continuing. "We saved you a seat at this table with us. We all speak English and thought you might be more comfortable here."

The sound of her language was like finding a piece of driftwood after floundering in the sea. "Oh yes! That's so kind of you. Thank you."

Her new acquaintance took a step back and looked at the others. "She is quite friendly, isn't she? Not what I expected at all."

"I'm sorry?" Sunny said, her eyebrows raised.

"Oh don't be. Humans are usually friendly to us when they don't know who we are, but when once they do look out." Ara's companions laughed or grunted in agreement."But here you are knowing who we are and still being friendly. Of course, you are rather in a tight spot. Us all surrounding you and Ian refusing to take you home."

Sunny's mouth dropped. Did everyone know everything?

"Not that I blame him, I mean, look at you. I'd give it time too, even though, you know, human." The laughter was in earnest this time.

A small wrinkle crossed Sonora's brow as she eyed the group. She wasn't entirely sure, but she thought they were making fun of her. "Ian is taking me home tomorrow."

"Oh, sure he is, dear, sure he is."

Sonora's frown deepened at their apparent skepticism. When she looked at Ian, she could see how uncomfortable he was with this conversation. It was clear that if he could have physically dragged Ara out of the room, he would have done it.

Ara noticed it too. "Oh," she drew the word out, "my swimaway mouth, you haven't told her yet, and of course, she wouldn't know." She threw up her hands. "I will be quiet now, let that conversation be between her and you. Love to see that one though." She barked out a laugh as she waved them on to the table.

Now unsure of Ara, Sonora was happy to see she was seated next to a pleasant-looking woman to whom she instantly warmed. The woman introduced herself as Ian's Aunt Coral and the man next to her, as her husband and Ian's Uncle Reef.

"No! Really?" Sonora said her hand over her mouth as she held back a giggle.

"Oh yes, as if we didn't know we were meant to be Intended, our names told us." Coral chuckled as she told the story of their unquestionably romantic meeting, a favorite topic of Atlantians Sonora had found.

Ian sat on the other side of Sonora, conversing with a man he had introduced as an old friend. She tried to keep one ear open to his conversation as she listened to his Aunt. But she rolled her eyes when the first thing he said to Ian was, "Looks like you have a little tiger shark on your hands" as he indicated Ian's scratched face. As if no one could grasp his meaning, he waggled his eyebrows to drive the point home.

Seeing that Sonora was listening, Ian swallowed his laughter with a cough, and an over-serious expression before he said, "She is a fighter. Got this bringing her here."

As Ian detailed her "unwillingness" to come to along with him to his friend, the two chuckled. Sonora arched an eyebrow and firmly turned her back to the two men.

"Don't worry about them, dear," Coral said, "Men will be, well, men. Even the best of them."

Men will be boys, you mean.

"They're embarrassing me," Sonora said as her face reddened.

"Well, I'm certain that is not the way they see it. Let's just ignore them. I can guarantee you they will be begging for our attention soon enough. You can make them suffer then."

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