Black Sheep

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It was a sunny day despite the cold air around me and people were making their way to school. The students all herded toward the school like a flock of sheep, surrounded by their friendship groups. Their school uniform consisted of a black blazer, a white blouse and a black skirt with the option of black tights. The school excused me from not wearing school uniform since it was technically the first time I had been to school. All of them looked so different compared to me. They looked happy. I still had my earplugs in so the noise was dulled down by the music. I was like a black sheep amongst the pure white ones. However, I could still hear the comments.

"Is that a new girl?"
"Why is her hair pink? It looks weird."
"Who is she?"

This is going to be a great year.

I stood outside the classroom door, my palms getting sweaty as I fiddled with my thumbs in nervousness. A loud commotion was occurring in the room in front of me. I stared through the tempered glass. My teacher was a young woman, around 25, and had long, straight hair. It was the colour of ebony. At last, the teacher managed to settle the class down to a volume where she could actually speak.

I couldn't really understand spoken word let alone lip reading. With my severity of amnesia, it took me a month to understand and speak basic vocabulary like "Hello", "How are you" and "Good night". It felt so strange to me that I spoke that language before my accident. I felt that I spoke a different language all together. As well as this, slang and informal language wasn't my forte. She continued speaking for what seemed to be a couple of minutes. I assumed she was talking about my memory loss and how I "Take a long while to process things". That's what everyone who met me said to their peers.

She stopped talking and glanced sideways, her hazel eyes locking onto mine. A lump clogged my throat, making me unable to speak. My palms dripped with sweat and my muscles contracted, leaving me frozen in fear. She got closer to the door and my mind buzzed with thoughts. "Make yourself look presentable!" My mind screamed. I instinctively smoothed my leggings and re-adjusted my hoodie laces. I breathed how my doctors taught me and inched myself towards the door. Nervous, I pushed it open.

Stares burnt into my body as I made my way towards the podium, whispers erupting at the sight of my hoodie and attire. I stood there, motionless. "Ok class, please welcome our new classmate." I stared at her lanyard, trying to figure out her name. Miss.... Stevens. She tapped me on the shoulder, grinning ear to ear. "Introduce yourself, sweetheart." Looking up from the floor, I gulped down the lump in my throat. I plastered on a smile, bigger than any other one I had ever achieved and stood up straight. "Hello everyone." I said, pulling my blossom hair out of my dark hoodie. "My name is Aurora. Aurora Kalmaya."

No one said a word.

I shifted on the spot, my mind panicking. "Did I say something wrong?" I thought as the class continued to stare at me. All of sudden, I heard a voice, breaking the deafening silence. "Hey. She's that girl that lost her memory, remember? In the newspaper a year ago." Then another. A male voice. "Oh yeah, apparently she had to be taught how to breathe. Breathe! Imagine that." A few voices turned into the whole class looking, staring.... judging.

My breathing turned laboured and my head is clouded, turning my vision blurry. "Breathe..... Breathe....." I thankfully calmed down and Miss Stevens took over, telling the class to be quiet. Her eyes were filled with sympathy as she looked at me. I sighed, knowing that compassion wouldn't benefit me in any way. I just had to get over it and adapt to it. "Ok, Aurora. Welcome. You can sit at the back on the empty table." Miss Stevens exclaimed, pointing towards an empty table that could fit two people. My mind buzzed. "Oh no...that means..."

"She's here..."

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