Bloody hell

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Chara gulped nervously as she saw a hurt, shaking human trying to fight off Froggits, Vegetoids, Whimsuns and everything in addition. The human appeared to be a boy, as Chara understood by the body shape and the facial expression suggested that he was around twelve, like her. Before Chara regained the ability to talk, the boy collapsed, backing against the wall and panting. Asriel, already aware of everything, ran up to him and yelled at the monsters:

-What are you doing! You aren't supposed to attack humans! Humans are good! Like Chara!-

The mention of Chara shooed the desire to fight from the monster and they ran away to their places. Asriel turned around sharply, then looked down at the boy. God, how much he regretted trying to look closer! He hated blood after seeing Chara's bleeding knees, but THIS MUCH blood almost made him vomit.

-Chara! Chara! What shall we... What shall we do?!-

He shouted. Chara finally became fully conscious.

-G-go home! T-tell mother to call Doctor Gaster and get here! I'll... I'll do something!-

-But, Chara..-


Chara commanded loudly. When Chara was that serious, Asriel didn't want to argue, so he sprinted away like a chased rabbit.

-And what shall I do?-

Napstablook asked.

-Stay here, I may need your help.-

-But I can't even touch you... Or them...-

-I still will need you! Just stay here... Wait where are you?-

Chara just now realized that Napstablook wasn't anywhere in her sight.

-I'm invisible... So I won't scare the human... -

-Okay then... Just stay near.-

Chara finally looked down at the other human. Examining him, she honestly understood why Asriel had a look like he was sick. The brown jeans were soaked in blood from an open fracture on the left and a big bleeding wound on the right legs, the black shirt was bloody on a side and had a cut across the chest and shoulder. The black bandana on his head also appeared to soak some blood, and the light-brown, shoulder-length hair was stained reddish. Moreover, he had some cuts and bruises on his arms and there was a small cut on his forehead and his lip bled. To say the least, Chara was shocked. When she fell down, she got away with bloody knees and a slight concussion. But maybe it was because she was wearing a thick sweater, while the boy was wearing a quite thin shirt with short sleeves. Probably the most protecting thing he had was a pair of black gloves with white skulls on them. Not that they protected him from anything unless he wanted to do a bicep workout on the wall. Why was he even dressed so lightly? It was cold now on the surface, how many buckets of cold water he had to dive into to be that stoic for the cold?

Chara knelt down in front of him. God, seeing a mangled human made her so thrilled... She hated humans, sincerely hated them, and all this blood coming from a human almost made her grin. She wished she could see all of her former family like this... Her entire village like this!

The boy groaned painfully, lifting his head at Chara and opened his eyes slowly. Chara gasped when she saw his eyes-they were pure orange, almost as if they were filled with orange juice. And they were hurting. He wasn't scared or anything, he was just hurting.

-Are you... A human, too?-

He asked.

-Y-yes, I am... My name is Chara.-

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