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Y/n's P.O.V. -Point Of View-

I pushed myself off the couch, and  turned the T.V. up, hoping it would wake the boys. The morning roar of cars below the the loud T.V. usually woke them up, despite them being somewhat heavy sleepers. I threw toast into the toaster, and began to make pancakes. Not long after the first two pieces of toast were finished and buttered, Alex walked out. "Morning Alex." I told him." He looked up, half asleep.

"Hello Y/n -Your Name-." His voice was groggy with sleep, and he still hasn't gotten fully used to speaking modern pronouns.

Most of them hadn't given modern pronouns much of a chance yet. I gave him the toast, and put a steaming pancake on a plate in front of him. "Want any syrup? Butter?" I asked him.

He shrugged, seeming to still be asleep. I poured him a glass of orange juice, and handed him the syrup and butter. I turned on Killer, by The Ready Set, and began to sing along. "I'm no good for you this heart ain't built for two so, run away run away, cuz I'm no I'm no I'm no good for you. I'm no good for you, get in love and I'll cut you loose so, run away run away, cuz I'm no I'm no I'm no good for you. Imma imma imma love killer, imma imma imma love killer, imma imma killer oh."

"You don't seem like a love killer~"

I jumped, turned around, and slapped the person behind me. It took me a second to comprehend what had happened, but I quickly regained myself when I saw Thomas practically weeping on the floor. "Oh god I'm so sorry!" I yelped, but I couldn't help but start laughing as I did.

"No you're not." He groaned, as he rubbed his cheek.

I laughed, and heard loud laughing behind me. I turned around and saw Alex nearly crying from laughter, as James stood behind him, trying not to start laughing as well. I snorted, as John walked out, and looked around, trying to figure out what's going on. I rolled my eyes, and made more plates of breakfast. Before long, everyone was up and eating. Everyone was talking calmly, and preparing for the day ahead. "So Y/n, can you tell us why you made pancakes? You told us that you usually wouldn't make them unless you're in a really good mood, or something important is happening that day and you wanted us to be ready." Aaron asked.

I nodded and swallowed a mouthful of toast. "Today we have something special happening. Today, I'm taking you guys to the Theater. You guys are gonna learn about your past lives." I announced to them. Their heads snapped up, and their eyes widened.

"Seriously?!" Alex yelped eagerly.

I nodded. "Yes, now remember. I'm only taking you there because you're going to end up learning about you're legacy someday anyway. And when the musical is over, I don't want your past lives affecting your new life. I don't want you're life now to be dictated by something you did in the past." I told them firmly.

They all nodded. "Do you all promise not to let your past dictate your future?" I asked them.

They looked at me, and all agreed. "Alright. Good. I don't want friendships to end because of old rivalries and who killed who." I said firmly.

"Wait what?" James said startled.

"You'll understand later." I said waving him off. "And after the musical ends, I'm gonna have to clear some things up, because some facts in the musical are false." I told them.

They nodded. "Okay." Georgie agreed.

We began talking halfheartedly, as we paid more attention to the T.V.. "What's our world coming to." F/n -Friend Name- muttered, walking out of the hallway.

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