Stay || Tony Stark x Reader

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The elevator door opened, the messy genius came out of the elevator, he cant even stand on his feet and landed on the soft carpeted floor.

I walked up to him, clicking my tounge in dissapointment towards my best friend since we were toddlers.

"Seriously, tony?" I asked. He perked up his head hearing my voice and smiled.

He pushes his body upward with a shivering hand "oh h-hey (y/n)" he slurs out and stand up.

Well.. barely standing up.

I pulled his arm around my shoulder supporting him "how many did you drink?" I asked him, he finger counted it " i only drank two" he said smiling not so innocently, i gave him the "really?" Look before he looked around " i mean two big bottle of whiskey" he muttered beneath his breath.

I shook my head "i have to get you to bed" i said pulling him closer as i grip onto his side "oh touchy~" he slurs out with a red face and a completely blurred out of his mind.

Rolling my eyes, i looked at him. Our orbs locked "you are very beautiful up close" he said while i was dragging him to his bed "shut up tony" i laughed and put him down on the edge of his bed.

He looked down at his feet, squinting his eyes.

"Stay here, i'll get you some meds and water" i said but before i could go any further than one step, he yanked my wrist as he got his arm around me, trapping me on his embrace.

"Tony!?" I exclaimed, both embarassed and angry. "Stay" he whispered in my ear, his breath smells like alcohol when i was inches away from here.

I sighed "i will but can you at least let me go?" I asked as he was drifting to sleep, while his hand travelled slowly to my stomache wrapping around it.

It was warm.. and i had this fuzzy feeling on my stomache. I turned around to face him and examine his feature.

"You still looks the same after all this year" i whispered, caressing his cheek.

He groan and pushes his cheeks against my hand slightly purring.

I smiled and close my eyes, feeling the warmth around me drifting me to sleep.


I opened my eyes to only see the dark abyss surrounding me, i swear i was with tony the other night.

My feet was not floating and in fact on the ground as it lightly taps against the floor.

"Hello?" I looked around to only see a light - a way!

I ran up to it as it blinds me and make it all a blur. I grunt and blinked my eyes a few times.

After my eyes adjusted, i heard sniffling. "W-where am i?" I asked myself and looked around, i'm in tony's mansion.

The sniffling became clearer as i was walking around. This is so weird, is this a dream? A memory?

I went inside a room to see tony on the edge of his bed, his head hung low and tears drips down his face.

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