chapter 14

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Eventually, the both of you reached Alya's house. Alya quickly opened the door and let you in first. You felt her hands on your shoulders and pushed you towards the living room. "Alya-"

She forcefully sat you down on the couch. The girl now in front of you crossed her arms and looked at you disapprovingly. You just stared in her in confusion. Alya tapped her foot. "Well?" she said. "Spill the beans!"

"What..." you began. "...are you talking about?"

Alya chuckled bitterly. "Don't think I'm oblivious, girl." She walked towards you. "What's happening to you these days? What's with the panic attacks? The crying?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," you lied.

She swiftly grasped your arms and shook them harshly, directly looking at you in the eye. "Why won't you tell me? I've been worried sick wondering if you're okay! I'm your best friend, Y/N!" She was now crying. "And-and I'm sorry if I haven't been paying attention to you because I was hanging out with Nino more often. What kind of person would just leave you alone to yourself?" She bowed her head down. "I'm sorry, Y/N."

You stared at her, your mouth going dry. You don't have any tears left more to spill, but you were sobbing. "Alya..." you whispered, touching her shoulder. "I-It's okay, really. I'm fine now, a-and I can't have you crying now in front of me." You smiled a little. Alya grinned, but it didn't reach her eyes. Tears continued to come out of her eyes. "Please stop crying," you said. "I'll tell you, alright? I'll tell you everything."

Eventually, she stopped, hopelessly wiping her tears. You sat down more comfortably and patted the seat next to you. Alya followed your command and sat down right next to you. "Please don't think I'm overdramatic about this," you whispered. "This wasn't very easy for me, you know."

"You can trust me," she said.

"Okay." You took a deep breath. "I noticed that... Adrien's been distant to me lately, he-he's been hanging out with Marinette very often a-and it, uh, makes me sad, you know? Because I thought our friendship meant something to him, you know?" You looked down. "Guess I was wrong."

"Y/N..." She held your hand tightly. "It's going to be alright, hun. I'm still here." You smiled lightly, Alya returning the gesture. She caressed your hand and looked you in your eyes. "Everything is going to be fine, I promise you." She gave you a hopeful smile.

It will.

The next day, it felt like everything went back to normal. You weren't crying anymore, and Alya and Nathaniel were by your side. You tried forgetting about him and focused on the good things; like maintaining your grades, sleeping and eating. It didn't bother you when they were having fun in front of you. It didn't bother you when they ate lunch together, it didn't bother you when your classmates tease them that they're together. It didn't bother you when he offered her a ride home.

It didn't bother you at all.

You arrived home at exactly 3:45 in the afternoon. It was both a tiring and normal day for you. You opened the door, and sure enough, your parents were sitting with phones on their hands. You were growing suspicious with their unusual behaviour every now and then, but you didn't want to say anything.

You ate a little before taking a nice shower and headed straight to your room. You plugged in your headphones and listened to the playlist you created.

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