How I Feel

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Chace's POV

I knocked loudly and repeatedly on their door praying she'd answer. It took way too look for the light up stairs to flickered on and then a minute later the downstairs lights before the door finally opened.


"Hey," I whispered happily when I finally got to see her face again.


She gave me a small smile, "Hi."

Skye's POV

"Hey, can we talk," Chace asked slightly bashful.

That took me by surprise. The last time he saw me he was so angry. Or at least jealous. I figured he'd be here for Adam, not me. Then I felt a pang of guilt that I kissed Ron. However that was ridiculous seeing as we were never actually in a relationship.

I mentally sighed. That wasn't true. We never define the relationship, but we had slept together and Adam knew about it. He'd kiss me and cuddle with me, he'd get jealous. One half of my mind loved that and wanted to believewe were together and exclusive. But the other half remembered that Chace was a player. He'd done that with a lot of girls.

"Yeah, of course," I said, stepping out of the way to let him in.

He walked passed me and stopped right by the stairs. He looked up them while asking, "Is Adam here?"

My eyebrows knitted together in confusion. I thought he was here to see me, not Adam. Chace was so confusing. I swear one of these days I was just going to be done with him. I sighed, at least I'd like to think I'd be done with him, but I don't think I ever really could be.

"No," I crossed my arms over my chest, "he's not here."

Chace turned around and grimaced when he saw my body language. "Relax, Skye. I'm here to see you not Adam."

I quirked an eyebrow and grinded my teeth together, "Relax? You're going to tell me to relax? It's that hypocritical of you?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked sounding not only intrigue, but offended too.

I laughed and ignored how evil it actually made me sound as I sarcastically added, "Because you're always so relaxed," I spat the word at him, "about everything. You don't get jealous or drag me away from other guys."

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