twenty eight

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Trust is a desperate privilege only specific people are lucky enough have. People choose who they trust, and choose who they don't. Me, for example, I don't trust anyone. The dolls, Harry Styles, the other boys, Mina Zooey Alayna Georgiou-Cole and now added to my little collection of untrusted souls, Aralina Phoebe Marialetti. The reason I don't trust Ara is because of the high suspicion of her murderous past. She almost admitted she was a murderer, but I can't be too sure, and judge a book by its cover. I need a full confession, and I'm scared that's a thing I'll probably never be granted.

I'm going to try my hardest to forget about my worries relating to Ara, I can't let it take over me and get in the way of everything. I'm going to try and find out who the murderer in The Dollhouse is, and I don't wanna worry too much about Ara. I've got the Polaroid, ziplock bags, a notebook and the potential, I'm ready to solve this once and for all.

Since all the dolls are sleeping, nows my chance. I'll sneak downstairs and try and look for evidence. I'll try not to get caught, but I'm sure Harry wouldn't care, he knows I'm trying to find out who is trying to kill us all. It's 2AM anyway, no one else would be awake.

I walk to the downstairs bathroom, and the cold, marble tiles leave my feet feeling almost numb with every step I take.

I walk to the cabinets and frantically open every one, searching for even the smallest bit of evidence.

After not finding anything in the downstairs bathroom, I go to the next place I'd suspect there'd be evidence in. The kitchen.

Once I'm just outside the kitchen, I realise someone is in there. It sounds like they're reading something, like a label or book.

I walk further into the kitchen to see who it is. It's Sarah, and our eyes immediately lock.

"What're you doing Sarah? It's almost 3AM" I ask Sarah, who keeps her eyes on the little glass medicine bottle she's holding.

"Says the person who is also up at 3AM," Sarah lightly smiles, "I'm just having some medicine"

"You still have a cold?"

"Yeah, my cough is getting really bad" Sarah says, with wide eyes.

"Well, hope you get better." I smile at Sarah.

"Hopefully. Lola told me yesterday this medicine is good for a cold. Remember when she was sick last month? She took this and felt fine after a few hours." Sarah says, looking at the glass medicine bottle.

"So, what are you doing up?" Sarah asks me, pouring a little bit of medicine in a plastic cup.

"I... Uh... Went to the bathroom?" I lie, unconvincingly.

"But we have a bathroom upstairs?" Sarah says, before taking a big gulp of her syrup medicine.

"I just, um, I..."

"Time of the month?" Sarah says, with a hand on her hip.

"Sure," I shake my head, "I mean, yeah."

"There's pads and stuff in the highest cabinet in the bathroom, Holly" Sarah gives me a kind smile and I uncomfortably smile back at the awkward situation.

"Well, I'm gonna go back to bed. If you have a cramp or anything you know where the tablets are?" Sarah says.

"Yeah, I do. Night, Sarah" I wave to Sarah as she leaves.

When Sarah leaves, I curse to myself at the awkward moment. Oh well, it's better than her finding out what I was really doing. She'd probably freak, knowing Sarah.

Since Sarah's left and no one else is here in the kitchen, I'll check for anything now. The kitchen is probably the place where the most evidence would be; seeing as we cook here and clean here.

I open the fridge and scan for anything abnormal or suspicious, and find nothing.

Next, I look in the sink. Nothing.

I start to open the cupboards and drawers and find the usual: recipe books, spices, herbs, plates, utensils, washing supplies, but something in there catches my eye. A really tiny glass bottle filled with a strange, very dark pink liquid with green powder flowing in it.

I take out the tiny bottle, and examine it, writing down every detail in my notebook. It looks really weird, I have no idea why it was in the cupboard, but it must mean something. It might be poisonous. I take a photo of it before putting it back in its original place.

Next, I go to the most terrifying place in The Dollhouse. The dungeon.

I walk down the dungeon steps, my vision blind due to the lack of light in the dungeon, and here and there almost tripping over from the extremely narrow cement steps.

Once I'm down the stairs of the dungeon, I get one of the fiery flame torches from the wall, to give me some light and start to discover and scan for evidence and suspicious things.

I see little drops of dry, darkened blood on one of the cement bricks in one of the cells, and take a photo of it. It might come in handy.

The only little pieces of evidence I found were the drops of blood, and I also found the 'are you still scared now?' sticky note from Harry, from when I was in the dungeon.

I put the flame torch back in its place and start to walk back up the scary dungeon steps. It's harder walking upstairs than down, especially since there are so many steps and no light at all.

I decide to just leave this evidence searching for tomorrow. It's getting really late, and I can't just not sleep at all. At least I got some photos and wrote important things down.

Once I'm fully out of the dungeon, I lock the door, so no one knows I was in there. God knows what the girls would do if they found out I was searching for the killer, especially since one of the girls is the killer.

I make my way upstairs, leaving a few squeaky creak noises but still trying to be completely silent.

Once I'm in the bedroom, I really gently close the door, and once it's closed, I let a huge sigh of relief leave my lips. All the girls have fallen into deep sleeps, and I can hear Evie and Dakota's loud snoring.

I walk into the bathroom and go to my mirror. I turn the tap on and the water violently comes gushing down. I pile some in my hands and wash my face. I then get my towel and wash all the water off.

I walk back into the bedroom, quiet, so the girls don't wake up. I walk to my bed and tuck myself into the big, fluffy blanket and immediately fall into a comfortable, deep sleep, I'm so tired; it's been a long day, and night.

My comfortable, deep sleep only lasts five minutes before everyone, including myself, is frighteningly bolted awake by the annoying, irritating sound of a loud, echoing beep going off in every room of The Dollhouse.

It's the fire alarm.









I'm sorry I had the chance and I took it okay

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