Old Flings

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❤️~First I drink the coffee, then I do the things~❤️

The morning air stung his face as he pushed himself to keep running, already past his limitation.

His heart beat was going wild and he could feel it thudding in his chest as it threatened to burst forth.

The run was to clear his head of everything. Work, family, friends. The word friends made him scoff almost every time he had to push it out of his mind.

He had 'friends’. Friends who didn't think his career choice was worth talking about unless it meant free food. There were a few loyal ones but they weren't living in the country and it sucked for him.

His heart started to physically hurt and he forced himself to slow down and sat on the concrete beside the road, sweat streaming down his arms.

He panted and wiped the sweat off his brows, looking around him. It was almost too quiet, especially at seven in the morning.

But he didn't usually go running on Sundays so he wouldn't know. His breathing became a little normal and he sighed and looked at the ground beneath him.

It's at times like this when you realize how lonely you are.

The thought poked at him relentlessly and he rolled his eyes and got off the ground, gearing up for the run back.

He felt like the company of a woman was overrated. He didn't need one, they carried around more issues than magazines.

But he knew that nothing could beat the softness of a female's body against his. It brought him a sense of serenity, one that he hadn't felt in almost a year. The thought of a one-night stand was revolting to him.

How men could get intimate with somebody they just met was a mystery to him. He couldn't and he wouldn't do it, not for anything.

His phone buzzed in his shorts causing him to slow down and take it out with a frown.

“Morning Ash. Something wrong?”

“Yes. Where are you? I'm at your locked apartment door.”

“Gimme five minutes.”

His aching muscles cried out in pain but he ignored it and ran faster to make it back in time.

In seven minutes he was back, taking the stairs two at a time.

She was leaning against the wall, wearing a dress that ran all the way down to her feet. It made her look even more pregnant.

“No church today?”

He unlocked the door and they went in, light flooding the room as he flicked the switch.

“Not going”, Ashley said plopping down onto the plush sofa and putting her feet up, “so I decided to let you annoy me today.”

She grabbed a magazine from under the wooden table with a glass top.

The white walls gleamed under the bright fluorescent light, almost blinding Sam.

Ashley decorated his apartment her way so it had a female touch to it but he put his foot down on his room, the only manly place in the apartment.

“Thanks for the honor. Want something to eat?”

He went into the bathroom and splashed water on his face before burying it into a towel. The ache in his arms were numbingly painful, causing him to wince as he touched them.

“You coming or what?” Ashley yelled from the living room.

“Just give me a minute.”

He managed to get some of the sweat off him and hung the towel around his neck.

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