Chapter 2

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The pups woke up the next morning Skye went out of her pup house to meet the others but didn't realise she was still wearing the black hoodie

Rocky:Skye why are you wearing the hoodie

Skye:no reason I slept wearing it

Rubble: okay

Chase's thought: gosh how much I love Skye but she'll never notice a pup like me ( whimpers )

Skye: Chase are you alright

Chase: yeah I'm fine ( blushes )

Zuma: who wants to play pup pup boogie

Everyone except Skye: me!

Skye: I'll be in my pup house if anyone needs me ( walks away )

Chase: on second thought I'll just go check on Skye ( runs off )

Marshall: that was weird

Rocky: tell me about it

Rubble: well let's go then

The pups ran inside the lookout to play pup pup boogie

Chase: Skye are you alright

Skye: yeah I'm fine

Chase: you don't seem fine

Skye: I am

Chase: you sure about that

Skye: yes

Chase: okay wanna go play pup pup boogie with the others

Skye: I'll be there in a sec

Chase walks away back to the lookout leaving Skye at her pup house all alone. Skye decided to call Everest

Skye: hey Ev

Everest: hi Skye what's up ?

Skye: remember the hoodie I told you about

Everest: yeah

Skye: I have to find the pup who gave it to me

Everest: why ?

Skye: I have to thank him and tell him I love him

Everest: so it's a he ooohhh

Skye: shut up

Everest: ok ok so where do we look for him

Skye: the last place I saw him was in the woods near Jake's mountain

Everest: and you want my help?

Skye: well you do know Jake's mountain like the back of your paw and besides I never told the guys about my hoodie or past except you

Everest: fair enough should we head out now

Skye: no how about midnight when everyone is fast asleep

Everest: okay I'll have no trouble sneaking out because Jake is at a snowboarding competition outside of Adventure Bay

Skye: I won't be bringing my copter because it will wake Ryder and the pups I'm just bringing my wings

Everest: okay see you then bye

Skye: bye

With that said the two pups ended the call Skye decided to head back inside the lookout to join the rest of the pups

Thanks for reading chapter two of my story stay tuned for chapter 3 coming soon bye !!

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