LBAWP | Chapter 1

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"It's not that..." Saf wrings her hands. "What was in that medicine you gave me?"

"It was just a pain killer. I can ask Doctor Dev if there are any side effects." Not that it would make a difference. If there were, she would have warned us, especially knowing Father. "Maybe it's because of the stress."

"It's never happened before, not in all the times I've been hurt." Saf sits down on the bed and then falls backwards onto it. Her hair fans out around her face, and I have trouble tearing my eyes away. Or focusing. "Something doesn't feel right."

"Saf, you've been though a lot." I come sit next to her. "Look, how about we talk to Gray, see if he can help?"

"Who's Gray?"

"He's one of the guys on the team. He doesn't like to talk about it, but he witnessed a Rogue attack as a kid. He didn't even remember it happening, not for many years. We only figured it out when he couldn't shift." I reach over to squeeze her knee. I mean to comfort her, but when my hand touches bare skin I pull it away like I've been burned. "Um... I'll introduce you two after the announcement? Maybe he'll know how to get your memory back. If not, we can talk to the Luna. She's the one who helped Gray."

"Thanks, Logan." Saf fidgets nervously, and I become aware of how close we're sitting. "Do you think that POW," she cringes, "your Father! When your Father was in Oakburg... you don't think he would have hurt Dad, do you?"

Saf looks worried—actually worried—for the man who abused her. How can she possibly care, after everything he's done to her? After the way he treated her?

"If Father hasn't killed him already, then I will," I spit out before I can think better of it.

"Logan, no." Saf gasps and her eyes fill with tears. "Please tell me he didn't..."

"You said it yourself." I shake my head. "You said you wanted him dead."

"No, Logan, I never said that. I know he did some horrible things, but... he's still my dad."

"He hit you, Saf." I growl. "You had broken bones."

"I'm a Wolf. They healed."

"How can you just forgive him like that?"

"He wasn't always bad... it was just after losing mother that he..." Saf starts to cry.

Saf doesn't cover her face and sob the way Jess does. She doesn't freak out, or yell, or scream. Her nose doesn't run, and her face doesn't turn all red and blotchy. If anything, she looks more like a robot leaking tears. A big one slides down her cheek, then a second, and a third, but she doesn't move a muscle. She doesn't even sniffle, or whimper, or make any sound that might suggest she's crying.

I'm so busy watching her in surprise that it takes me a few seconds to react. I look around for tissues, and when I can't find any I pull off my t-shirt. Saf's eyes widen and her lips part, and it's only then that I realize what it must look like. We're on a bed, alone, and here I am, stripping off my clothes.

"Here," I say, and quickly lean forward and use the hem to wipe away her tears.

"Oh..." Saf grabs for the shirt and and stares at it. "That's so..."

"Sweet?" I supply hopefully.

"Weird?" she giggles, while her eyes still glisten with tears, "and sweet. T-thanks Logan."

"You're welcome," I smile. "You can keep it."

"Your shirt?" Her gaze locks on my abs, and then she quickly tosses the shirt back to me. "You should put it on."

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