Chapter 11 Stop Texting me

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"Exploring what I might ask." He responded turning towards me.

"Oh nothing.." I said bolting up the stairs.

"You can't just leave me hanging like that!"

I chuckled and flounced onto my bed.

I checked my phone

2:34 pm

One message from bReTt.

Well there goes my happy mood.

I quickly typed in my password and opened up my messages.

Brett: I don't know what else to do please forgive me.

I typed back quickly. I could feel myself getting upset.

Me: I wish I could. But I don't think I can trust you again after what happened. I can't even look at you. Everything happens for a reason. I guess we just weren't meant to be. Have fun with Cunthia (yes I mean Cunthia)

Here I was again. Laying in tears. A total mess. I can't cope with this constantly. Just when I thought I had gotten over him he has to come and re enter my life. The worst part about all of this was he said he'd love me forever. Well I guess forever isn't very long.

I tried to relax but the only thing I could think about was Brett. I told him we aren't meant to be but I remember visioning my entire life with him. I couldn't see myself loving anyone but him. He was the only one who really understood me when no one else could.

I cried until my face was swollen. I knew that what I had lost could not be replaced. But maybe it was time for better things to fall together. I just lay there and hoped for a better tomorrow to come my way.

I rolled over and closed my eyes. Fell into a deep sleep.

Sleeping helped me calm my thoughts somewhat but I was still pretty shaken up.

It was 5:30 now.

All I could do was listen to music.

Until someone came busting into my room.

I rolled my eyes and took my headphones

It was just uncle Robert with a guitar.

"Faye come on let me play you a song like I used to and you can dance along."

"Not really in the mood right now." I sighed. My lip trembled but I didn't want him to know I was crying so I straightened up.

"Aww come on you know you'll enjoy it."

"Fine" I sighed. I mean What could it hurt right?

He started strumming a few notes and he looked up at me

I immediately recognized the tune and I cracked a small smile. He still remembered my favorite song.

He used to play me this all the time when I was younger and I had nightmares.

He called it "leaving blues"

It would always calm me down.

I say in silence enjoying the music for a while. Thinking.

Then I began to sing along with him.

"I'm sure you know, I'm leaving"

Pretty soon I was up on my feet dancing.
I lost concern for anything else and began dancing vigorously around the room in circles.

Uncle rob was smiling from ear to ear.

He joined me and danced too. He swung me around. I felt like those people from the 50s that did swing dancing in bars.

I felt light as a feather.

Every note

Every line

Had me smiling endlessly. I felt a rush through my body with every movement.

The song was finally over and I landed on my bed. Breathless.

All we could do was laugh.

He sang to me
"Dancing queen"
I laughed at the joke.

"You still remembered the chords." I laughed. "I'm surprised."

He laughed.

"It's not that challenging faith, now come downstairs it's time for dinner."


We had lemon marinated chicken and casserole.

Tomorrow I was going to go outside and try to reconnect with the neighbors. They had a girl named Kaitlin who is 2 years older than me who was my childhood best friend. we did everything together. I was looking forward to it

Ring ring ring.

There went my phone again. I was tempted not to pick it up in case it was Brett I didn't want to even see his texts. But it was Shane calling. One of the few people in the world I would die for.

"SHANE!" I answered the phone. I bursted into tears. I needed someone and there he was.

"FAITH! I'm so happy to hear your voice for gods sake how are you I've been so worried are you crying? what's wrong I'm so sorry about Brett I should've been there for you."

He was talking so fast but I didn't care. I was so happy at the fact he even called. I needed him.

"Ahi- I'm crying because I'm so happy that you called. It's okay Shane I appreciate you calling. thank you for caring you're a true friend. Really."

I heard him let out a sigh of relief.

"Wheeww. That's relief. I love you faith."
I giggled. I was so happy someone was finally contacting me. I hadn't heard from anyone since the incident. Including Becky.

"I love you too Shane."

"Listen here faith, just because Brett was an idiot and fucked up now doesn't mean you're any less of a person I want more than anything for you to be happy and you're so amazing so please don't ever forget. If there's ever a time where you're feeling down just shoot me a text or call I'll be here promise. Forever and always just like first grade."

I sniffled. There was no one like Shane. He'd always be my best friend. No body could beat him.

"Th-" I bursted out into more tears.

"Please don't cry faith."

"I don't know if I'm crying because I'm happy or sad." We both laughed.

"Well I just called to see if you were okay. I'm gonna go now. I got a date with Becky. I love you fayeeee"

I laughed.

"Say you love me too" he demanded. "Or I won't be able to hang up the phone."

"Alright alright I love you too."

"Buh bye babeee"

Click he hung up.

What would I do without Shane.

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