032| A picture

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A picture
Just for you
Lies in my heart
Not on this paper

A photograph
You never took
Got clicked on my brain
In that moment

A memory
Just you and me
Smiling together
Still shine in my eyes

A day
When you held me
Close to your heart
And kissed my cheek

A moment
When you would brush away
My hair from my face
And look at me

A love
You never concealed
That I veiled
So as to never run away


A love
You never showed
That I craved
So as to live by it

A moment
When you wouldn't meet
My gaze and make me feel
Disappointed in myself

A day
When you pushed me
Away from your hold
Out in parched desert

A memory
When you ask me
Everything you don't

A photograph
You burnt
With your words
Like wild sparks

A picture
Just for you
Lies in my heart
Stained in ink

Location- On someone's bed, trying to deal with this temperature

Time- 2:45 PM IST

Note- I'm sorry my poetries are not that creative anymore. I'm just going through my poet's block.

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