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Jack's POV



I opened my eyes slowly and stood up. I opened the door lazily and have been greeted by a hyper Mage. She is dressed up and looks very beautiful.. She run towards my bed and jumped onto it.

"What's up?" I asked, lazily.

"Not much. You just need to wake up and prepare yourself cause we'll be heading out in about.. 10 mins?" She said while smiling.

"What? What time is it?" I asked. Now I am fully awake.

"12:20 couch mister.." She said and then went out.

I prepared myself, showered blah blah, just wore a semi-fitted pants, bonnet, vans and a printed shirt that said 'Life's fun. Just find out how.' Okay i'm already ready, we still have.. 3 mins..


Mage's POV

"Are you all packed up?" Mom asked and we all nodded.

I think I already have a clue about where will they take us. I felt goose bumps earlier when they told me that we'll go in some place today and we are complete.. mom, dad, nana, Jack and I.

"Hey mom, you and dad don't have work today?" I asked.

"Day off hun.." Mom answered.

"Oh, okay.." I said while smiling.

Dad started the van and then we drove off. Oh Jack, we didn't talk much since yesterday. He is very unpredictable. I can't understand him, what's happening?


Jack's POV

Mage is sitting beside me, we haven't talk much, it's like we're not sitting beside each other.

I laid my head on the car window and someone tapped me.

"Yeah?" I asked not bothering to look, I already know who is it.

"Can we talk?" Mage asked and I turned around to face her.

"What's wrong again? You haven't talk to me much since yesterday.." She said crunching her brows.

"Nothing's wrong.." I said.

"Okay.." She said while laying her head on my shoulder.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. Let's just walk away from our problems in a little while.


Mage's POV

"Mage, Jack.. wake up, we are already here." I opened my eyes and then looked around. I removed my head from Jack's shoulder and then I woke him up.

"What?" Jack asked irritatedly.

"Jack, we're already here." I said and he slowly opened his eyes.

"Oh, sorry." He said while scratching his eyes.

We climbed out and - we are at the BEACH. I felt some type of déjà vu. Memories from the beach rush through my mind and I feel sad.

"Mage, is everything okay?" Mom asked while holding my back.

"Yes mom, I'm fine. Everything's okay." I said while smiling.

"Then why don't you look so excited? I thought you love beach?" Mom asked puzzled.

"No mom, I am excited. And yes, I love beach." I said trying to smile.

"Is everything alright here?" Dad cut in and we nodded.

"Okay, so c' mon guys, let's check out the hotel that we'll check in." Dad said and then we headed to the hotel that dad is talking about.

*Cling* the sound of the bell on the door clings. Wow, this is one beautiful hotel. Mom and dad talked to the front cashier and after a couple of minutes they came back with keys in their hands.

"Okay.. here's the catch. Your mom and I in one room, nana and Witty in one room, and then Jack and you in one room. Hope you guys will not do anything you know.." Dad said while giving us a look.

"Who's Witty?" I asked puzzled.

"Nana's assistant." Mom said.

"Oh.." I said and nodded.

"Okay, here's the keys.. Don't do anything dumb okay?" Mom said and we nodded.

"Yeah mom, stop repeating it over and over.." I said while rolling my eyes at her.

"Don't do that attitude to me." Mom said and I chuckled.

"Sorry mom." I said.

"Use protection.." Dad whispered at the back and mom punched him.

Mom gave us the keys and also gave us another reminder, and then we parted ways to our rooms. I think Jack is still mad and I still have no clue..