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"Why am I the one making music video's?" Percy smiled at me after we had finished recording 'Meant To Be' by Bebe Rexha. "You're totally in the zone when you're singing."

I shrugged, "I just... Kinda got shy when I started seeing Luke... I regret not singing more, but It's too late to go back now..."

"Not too late to start over." Rachel said, walking in from the other side of the recording booth. "Seriously, when you sang 'Papi' last night, I was blown away... And then you started dancing!"

Percy raised an eyebrow as I blushed. "Rachel, tell me you got that on camera?"

"Sadly, no, I left my camera at home." Rachel laughed. "But, someone else did."

"Ooh! Lemme see!" Percy smirked at the miserable look on my face.

"No!" I laughed, trying to pull him back, but I had no luck.

"Aww, come on, you can't even hear her sing!" Rachel snorted.

"There was a lot of drunk guys there, hootin' and hollerin', and I think at least half of them wanted to take Annabeth home." My face turned even redder, and I sat in my seat, covering my face with my hair. "Then she had a shot of... What, whiskey?"

I nodded, biting my lip shyly.

"I didn't expect you to be so open to hard liquor. Most chicks go for wine or beer."

"Ew... Wine is weak, and beer is gross." Percy laughed.

"Definitely my kind of girl." I kicked him playfully. "No abuse! Please, I already suffer enough from Rachel! I do wanna hear you sing 'Papi' though."

I smiled and ran a hand through my hair, pushing it out of my face, trying to downplay my blush. "We have a song to write, first, Seaweed Brain."

Percy pouted. Rachel laughed and left the booth, leaving me and Percy alone. For a while he just stared at me, and I returned the look with a raised eyebrow, almost a little creeped out. "What?" I finally asked, making him jump. That made me laugh.

"Sorry..." He scratched the back of his neck, his cheeks pink. "We should start this song... What were you thinking for it?"

"It's not my song, Percy." I smiled at him.

"It's know. It's our song." He took my hand, and the room was suddenly very small and quiet, and Percy was suddenly very close. I wanted him to kiss me, I really did, but I began to realize that there was no way I could concentrate on writing a song if Percy and I were alone.

"There's a problem." I sighed in relief and closed my eyes as Rachel enterred. "That Luke guy from the high school is back... This time he's looking for both of you."

"Tell him I'm not here..." My relief at the broken tension was gone. "Please..."

Rachel frowned as I clamped up, hugging my body into a protective ball, respect in her green eyes. "I'll see what I can do. Percy, hand me my pistol. Better safe than sorry."

I watched as Percy grabbed something from under the keyboard in the room. It was a silver, .9 milimeter pistol. I felt sick when I saw it, and averted my eyes, plugging my ears as a voice yelled my name from outside of the building.

There was also no way I could write a song with Luke stalking me down like a psycho murderer. I just hoped he didn't have an axe with him. That would be another level of psychotity. I felt Percy's hand rest on my shoulder, and my body stiffened. I shifted slightly, moving out of his touch, blocking out all noise and speech. I didn't want to relax, I wanted to be out of Lukes life. I wanted to be safe, away from threat...

I heard a gunshot, and my body turned to stone. Percy was on his feet in seconds, pulling me with him. We stepped outside to see Rachel standing in the hall, a panicked look on her face. In front of her was Luke, with Rachel's gun in his hands, the gun aimed at her head. He saw me and Percy, and his scowl became a terrifying smile.

Rachel huffed. "I let him get in arms reach of the gun." She stepped back towards us, away from a bullet hole in the wood floor. Percy pushed me and Rachel behind him, arms out protectively in front of us.

"Just the man I wanted to see." Luke grinned. I glanced at Rachel, who had a camera, and was videotaping. My eyes widened.

"You're recording this!?" I hissed at her. She nodded, putting a finger to her lips.

Clearly, she had a plan, but videotaping Percy getting shot at!? That was just wrong.

I felt Percy's hand grab mine, and realized Luke was talking about me.

"... She's mine. Only I am allowed to touch her. Only I am allowed to hit her-"

"That's what you think a relationship is? You're not allowed to hit her at all. She broke up with you, that means you don't get to touch her. She isn't yours."

"I never was." I growled, loud enough for Luke to hear. He didn't like that. That made him mad. That made him scary. Annabeth watched as the gun raised to her head.

"Fire that gun, and when the police get here, they'll have proof that you killed them. It's all on video." Rachel said. "In fact, it's already being uploaded to YouTube as we speak. All I gotta do is stop recording, and the millions of people who watch Percy's channel will be able to prove it. You want that? I thought you would be the guy who doesn't want people to know how he hurts others."

Lukes grin fell as she spoke. Annabeth realized why Rachel was videotaping... But she knew something Luke didn't know. Rachel was bluffing. The camera wasn't even recording. Luke dropped the gun and left, darting out of the house without a word. Annabeth leaned against the wall, sagging to the floor. Rachel sighed in relief, putting the camera down. Percy knelt down beside the bullet hole. "He could have at least left some money to fix the floor..."

"Getting him to leave was probably the best anyone could have done." I whispered quietly, hugging my knees. "You did better than I could have, Rachel..."

Rachel smiled quietly, turning her camera off. "Glad I could help, Annie."

"Don't call me Annie..." Rachel and Percy both laughed.

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