chapter 26

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Rosie pov:-

Soon we reached the palace, all the council members and alphas  were present with the royal beta James. They all looked relieved when they saw me with Edward. Everyone bowed at us.

"King Alpha and queen luna", Edward raised his hand and nodded at them. James and a woman came near us. That woman looked a little familiar and I felt something odd about her. She looked at me worried and gave me a small smile. I just smiled back and turned towards James.

"Luna we were very worried about you. We didn't mean to offend you in any way. In the throne room its all about justice. We have the right to correct even the king, if its Injustice for someone else. We are really sorry if we in anyway offended you, please forgive us luna", James said. I just stood shocked, I don't know what to do or what to say. I was speechless by his speech. Edward gave my hip a small squeeze which bought me out of my inner turmoil.

"No, please don't apologise, its not your fault. You all did your work, I'm sorry if I worried you people", I spoke nervously fidgeting with my fingers. I was never good with words. James and others looked at me waiting for me to say something more. I looked at Edward pleadingly to get me out of this situation but he looked lost, his eyes were glazed and he was looking at the healer who was standing behind. I looked confused at both of them, it looked they were communicating through mind link. I kept my hand on Edwards shoulder to get his attention, he nodded at the healer and then looked at me. Sensing the awkward situation, he cleared his throat and looked at James.

" Its late in night and Rose is exhausted and tired from the little adventure she had, so excuse us", he said curtly and picked me up in bridal style and walked away from them without waiting for their reply.
I felt his sudden mood off through our mind link. Before I could get inside his mind he put the barrier blocking me away.

"That was rude", I wrapped my hands around his neck to not to fall. The guards bowed at us as we passed by them. I blushed in embarrassment and hid my face in his shoulder.

"You should be thankful that I got you out of that awkward situation", I slapped him on his chest little too hard. I know he was getting irritated by my behavior.

"But not like that, you could have said something else", we reached our chamber. Edward placed me on the bed and started to remove my clothes.
I looked at him bewildered at his sudden action.

"What are you doing? We just did it in the forest and I'm too sore for you", I scolded him pushing him away from me. I was too sore and tired.

"I removed your clothes for you to take bath and change, what else were you thinking, my little wife", he teased me wiggling his eyebrows but His playful smile didn't quite reach his eyes. I pushed him and other thoughts away and laid down on the bed. Feeling exhausted and tired. I heard him give a defeated sigh and felt him slide inside the bed next to me. He wrapped his arms around my small waist and leaned his head in my neck. Content with our position I closed my eyes and drifted off in to deep slumber without a word in between.


"Rose, rose, sweetheart wake up", Edward shook my shoulder waking me up from my slumber. I groaned and sat up groggy rubbing my eyes. I squealed when he suddenly lifted me up in bridal style. I wrapped my hands around his neck balancing myself in his arms.

"What are you doing?", I cringed at my hoarse voice. He didn't reply, but simply walked towards the bathing chamber. I don't know why but suddenly he was behaving like an grumpy old man. I definitely didn't like his behavior. He was irritated and was making me irritated.

He put me down and removed my dress before I could utter a word. He removed his clothes himself and picked me up in bridal style again. I crossed my hands below my chest irritated by his behavior. He didn't talk or let me talk. I don't understand what is his problem. He lowered us both in the hot pool and turned around to get the soap.

"Edward", I called out but he didn't turn or react, he just stood there and started to clean himself ignoring me.

"Edward", I called him a little louder but still no response, I went towards him and forcefully turned him towards him.

"What is wrong with you?", I screamed at him frustrated by his stupid ignoring behavior. I definitely don't like to be ignored, definitely not by him.

"Nothings wrong", he said calmly but his answer was forming rage inside me. I know he was anything but calm inside. There was something which was nagging him.

"Fine, be like that", I spat the words at him and moved towards the opposite Corner away from him. If he wants to play the ignoring game then even I will.

I turned away from his gaze and started to wash myself, more in a seductive way. halfway through I felt hands wrapping around my waist and pulled me back to a hard chest. His lips found my wet neck just next to the mark. His hands roamed on my bare body and his lips sucking and nibbling on my neck and shoulders. He turned me around and pushed me to the pool wall behind. His lips found mine, he kissed me harder, bruising my lips, like punishing me.

A small scream left my mouth when he bit my lower lip harder, drawing out little blood. This kiss was aggressive and painful filled with desire and hunger. I tried to pull away but his arms tightened around me, pulling me impossibly closer to him. He lifted me up in his arms, still kissing me and walked out of the bathing chamber into our room, my lungs burned due to lack of oxygen. He dropped me on the bed harshly but little gently. His eyes were gleaming in golden, he looked like a predator and I was his prey.

Truthfully I was scared of him right now, I know that he will not hurt me but something in him made me think otherwise. He looked different, like a different person. I gasped in fright when he launched himself on top of me. He captured my lips in a hard and bruising kiss and the other hand opened my legs. I didn't try to stop him though, something inside in me liked this aggressive side of his.


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