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Niall had insisted on paying for the plane tickets which meant that we were in first class. I had tried to protest, but he said it was the least he could do since I was letting him stay with me. As the stewardess took our orders for drinks I marveled at just how wonderful my life had been for the past month. I was making a healthy living doing what I loved, I was touring England with the best band in the world, my best friend was Niall Horan, and my boyfriend was the one and only Zayn Malik. I half expected to wake up back in my grungy L.A. apartment to realize that this was a dream.

"What are you thinking about?" Niall asked, interrupting my thoughts. 

"Just life," I replied airily. "I can't believe this has turned out to be my life. Do you ever just sit and think about how great things have turned out?"

"Every single day," Niall chuckled. "How long is this flight?"

"Nine hours," I huffed, thanking the attendant as she handed me my sparkling water. 

"Brutal," Niall agreed. 

We both fought to stay awake so we'd be tired and adjusted to the time schedule when we arrived in Minneapolis. We watched Friends with Benefits then played a few card games. The stewardess came back to give us a steak dinner which was actually pretty tasty. Niall scarfed through his and was eying mine speculatively. 

"Oh no! This is all mine, Nialler," I laughed, swatting his hand as he reached for my broccoli. He looked sadly at his lap, rubbing his stomach. I sighed and pushed the plate over to him. "You can have it."

Niall's face lit up. "You're my favorite!" He said, kissing my cheek before digging in. 

When we finally landed four hours later, I was more than ready to be off the plane. The instant we hit the tarmac I pulled out my American phone and sent a text to my sister. 

Gemma Carlisle: We just landed! See you soon!

Hannah Carlisle: Getting in the car now! Can't wait to see you and meet your friend!

As we filed off the plane I rubbed my eyes, happy to know that I would be able to sleep soon. "Niall," I said, leading him towards customs. "We've got to split up for a second since I'm a citizen and you're not. We can regroup on the other side."

He nodded. "Sounds good!" He walked to the non-citizens line which was noticeably shorter than mine and he beat me to the other side where we walked over to baggage claim. "This is going well! No one has recognized me!" He said brightly, tossing an arm around my shoulder.

"Don't jinx it!" I hissed quickly. 

He chuckled then lunged forward to grab my bag from the carousel. "Here you are Ms. Carlisle."

"Why thank you Mr. Horan," I giggled. "I should warn you, my sister will recognize you."

"So? She knows I'm coming," he replied, waving a hand dismissively. I looked at my shoes, pretending to see a speck of dust on the red Converse. "She does know I'm coming, right?" He asked, his voice hardening. 

"I told her I was bringing a friend. I might not have mentioned exactly who that friend would be," I said sheepishly. 

Niall rolled his eyes and reached to grab his bag from the claim. We walked over to the final security area where they collected our forms. "Why would you do that?"

"Well I didn't want her to start fangirling to me and I didn't want her to tell all her friends and have a welcome committee waiting for us at the airport," I said quickly. "Look there she is! Hang back for a second, I'm going to warn her."

I ran over to Hannah and embraced her in a massive hug. "Hannah! I've missed you so much!"

"I've missed you too!" She said, returning the embrace. "You have some explaining to do!" She said seriously, holding her phone out to me. She had pulled up the picture of Zayn and I kissing at the airport. "Why didn't you tell me it was him!"

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