Reincarnation, and another and another.........AND ANOTHER ONE?! Part 2

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"Angry/Serious or Demonic/Threatening voice"

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So let's continue this boring story of mine. Yey~

Last time:

"There's no time to celebrate right now! Hime-sama is so weak because we haven't eaten in two weeks! F**k this is my fault for not being a worthy right-hand woman!" Hiyami said with her 'colorful' words.

"What?! Quickly lead the way to her!" Demand Reborn with a hidden worry in his voice.


They all began to walk(more like run) to where their other companion is, along the 'walk' you can hear a little child that is supposed to be stuttering with her words due to her age say 'some' curses and all the people that walk past them looked at the child at disbelief. And another child is laughing with a grin in her face.

"Kufufu looks like the puppy still had her old language~~" Mikaru said teasing the child in front of her.

"Hn" said a girl with black haired and grey eyes that is in the far back of the group.

"Oya, oya looks like skylark-chan agrees with me 😏"

The silver haired girl didn't pay any attention to them as to this is not the time to argue because her hime-sama needs her and she also remembered that she is trained to be not that hot- headed anymore..........but she can also loose her patient and snap.....

"Haha, we're here" said the girl pointing at a dark alley with a grin in her face but instantly became a worried face as she remembers her friend condition.

And as if on cue they run in that alley fastly and inside they saw their brunette friend that they are longing to meet again breathing hard, their friend is so pale and so thin like she doesn't eat at all.

"Ah! Your back, Hiyami and Taikiri!"

They all heard the voice and snap their heads towards the owner of the voice.

"Enma!" The group said well except for the you-know-who persons(because they are too fabulous to do that~).

"How's hime-sama??"

"Ah! She's fine just a littl---"

Before Enma or Emma to be exact, could say something she was interrupted by a loud noise.


They all snap their head where the sound came and what they say is their brunette friend...........drooling!
And also mumbling about 'stawberry shortcake is life' or something like that.

Some face palm and some sweatdrop.

"Hmm~ looks like my dame student is still fine."

"Hahaha Tsuna must really miss eating cakes"

"Phew! I'm glad hime-sama is alright"

"Kufufu looks like hime-chan is hungry~~"

"Hn, then how about I let her eat that pineapple head?" Keiya said pointing at Mikaru.

At this some snickered and some tried to hold their laugh.

"Kufufu~ the stupid skylark finally spoke!~" Mikaru said pissed and readying her trident.

"Okay, okay you two stop before this leads to a fight. First let's get Tsuna and the others to the house so they can finally eat" Diana said but was ignored by the two...........but then the two stop when suddenly....

"EAT!, DID SOMEONE JUST SAID WE CAN FINALLY EAT!!!!!" a certain brunette said/yell "Yay!! I want a cake " Tsuna said happily.

"Looks like the bunny is awake, kufufu~"

And after that they all went to where this home is, with a tuna asking 'are we there yet?' in the hundreds of time.

When suddenly someone snap....

"Dame-Tsuna if you dare ask another 'are we there yet' questions I'll not hesitate to shoot you." The Reborn said pissed.

*Gulp* "h-hai..." a certain tuna said scared.


Timeskip- Rokudo Household

They all Sat down as they began to wait for food and Diana explain how the Rokudo couples know that they are reincarnated blah blah blah.........

Tsuna didn't care as she wait impatiently for the food and when the food is out she release a scary aura which Keiya dubbed it as the carnivorous aura while she munch the food hungrily and no one dared to touch her food and 3 persons were releasing the same scary aura while eating.

There's only one thing that the others are thinking about their behavior.

'They are truly hungry.......' they all thought which a certain someone shivered and the others smirked at the thought while a energetic girl just said 'EXTREME EAT MORE SO YOU COULD GROW UP FASTER' while giving the 4kids foods


Yay~ I finally updated a real chappy hope you liked it😆~(although it's short)

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