Mason’s POV

Turns out, today’s Blondie’s birthday.  Fucking Edward was just excited to greet her that night.

October 23rd. I made sure that I’ll remember that date. After the incident yesterday at the mall, I went straight back to Tyler’s house and blamed him for what happened. I was hoping for his words of wisdom to comfort me, to tell me that its okay, to tell me that those things happen. Instead, the asshole laughed at me. He fucking laughed for a good 30 minutes.  Some friend he is.

Tyler called and told me that Blondie sent a text message this morning, telling them to come by their house at 7pm for the celebration of her birthday. I didn’t receive that exact same text. The message of her text to me was to come by their house this morning. She wants my help for the party. So here I am at 8 in the morning, standing in their porch, waiting for someone to open the door.

“Morning!” it wasn’t the voice I was expecting to hear when the door opened. Sure the accent’s British but it not who I want to see. In fact, he’s the last person I wanted to see. I didn’t reply, I just went inside. Well, Blondie’s not around to force me to be polite to him.

“Chloe’s just taking a shower. She’ll be down in a few minutes.” He said as he closed the door. “Have you already eaten? There’s pancake in the kitchen, Rose made it. ” I ignored him and walked to the living room and crashed on the couch. I haven’t really eaten breakfast yet, I was in a hurry to come here. I’ll just wait on Blondie, only then I would eat. I refuse to eat with that Brit.

It’s been what? 30? 40 minutes? What’s taking Blondie so long? My stomach is growling at me. I looked at the time. Only 15 minutes has passed. Shit! I’m really hungry. I glanced at the kitchen and Fucking Edward’s eating.

Fuck this pride! I’m eating! I can’t take it anymore.

I stood up and marched down to the kitchen. I grabbed myself a plate, filled it with pancakes and sat on the other end of the table.

“So… Chloe said your father’s the Mayor.” He said. I didn’t budge. If he thinks just because we’re having breakfast together means I’m going to talk to him, he’s seriously mistaken. “Do you have any other siblings besides your step-sister? Or soon-to-be-step-sister.” He chuckled. I know he’s relieving the incident yesterday. I still continued eating as I stared at him with a bored gaze. In my mind, I’m plotting ways on how to end his life if he doesn’t stop talking to me.

“Okaaay?” he awkwardly said. “You don’t talk much huh?”

I can see that he’s getting uneasy as I stared down at him. Good, that’s how I want him to be.

“Morning!”Our face automatically lit up as soon as we heard Blondie’s voice.

“Morning!” we both said in unison.

“You’re both awfully quiet.” She said as she sat down the table.

“I guess we’re just hungry.” Fucking Edward replied.

“So? What are our plans for today?” I asked.

“We’re going to the grocery store and buy this ingredients.” She took out a crumpled paper. “Then we will proceed with the dreadful, decorating of our backyard.” She sighed.

“You don’t seem very enthusiastic about it, considering it’s your party.”

“Well, it wasn’t my plan. My plan was to order a dozen pizza and pig out while watching a movie. I didn’t really want to celebrate.”

“Then why are you?”

“My mum wants me to. She always insists on party. She said that I only turn 18 once. I didn’t want to argue with her, so I agreed.”

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