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The next morning, Soolyeon got up early and went the kitchen. She saw her mom sitting and drinking coffee.
"hey mom" she said heading towards the fridge.
"good morning Soolyeon.. Aren't you up a bit too early? School doesn't start for the next 2 hours " she said.
"yeah I know... I just slept early last night so I woke up and can't fall back asleep. When are you leaving?" she asked her mom
"soon actually" she answered
"oh... Okay" soolyeon said looking down. Her mom works early in the morning and late at night. Some days she doesn't even come home because of her tight shifts. Her mom left and soolyeon made breakfast for herself. Since it was pretty early, she went back in her room and relaxed.
"hm... Only 7:00 o'clock " she said. She looked out her window and saw Chan and Jisung. "wow... They leave so early" she thought to herself. She felt her cheeks getting hot and she realized she was blushing.
I can't stop blushing these day... She said turning away from the window. She decided to take a nap since she had a lot of time to spare.
She woke up at 7:50 at jumped from her bed. Shit. She said grabbing all her stuff and getting dressed. She quickly ran out of her house and started running to school.
She got there just in time for the first bell. She quickly unpacked her bag and ran to class.
"soolyeon!!" a voice behind her is heard. She turns around only to see Jisung standing there.
"y-yes?" she said
"can I talk to you?" he said seriously. She started panicking. What does he want to tell me? What's wrong with him? Is it really serious? Shit. Soolyeon said to herself.
"uh... Now is not a good time Jisung... I have to get to class. " she said walking away.
Soolyeon quickly walked home after school. Half way there she remembered that she had to talk to jisung.
Fuck she cursed out loud. She got home and went in her room. She threw her bag on her chair and sighed. 
Soolyeon was roaming the halls when someone called her name.
"soolyeon can we talk?" The voice of Jisung said.
"I.... I can't sor-" she got cut off by him pulling her closer to him.
"j-jisung... What are you doing?" she asked, facing him, her face hot.
"why are you avoiding me?" He asked
"I.... I'm not a-avoiding y-you" she said stuttering.
"You are" he said.
"n-no, I'm not. Why would I avoid you? It's not like I'm scared of anything. " she said
"are you sure about that?" he said pinning her on a locker.
"jisung wtf.... This isn't you. What's wrong with you?" she asked trying to escape his grip.
"I'm thirsty, Soolyeon" he said, his eyes turning red.
"wait what??" she asked confused and started freaking.
"I haven't had... A great drink... In a long time" he said, his grip tightening around soolyeon.
"j-jisung.... What are you doing????" she said. She was scared, she knew what was going to happen. His eyes become a darker shade of red and fangs come out.
"jisung, please. " she said, but he didn't listen. His fangs slowly go closer and closer to her neck. She stayed still and lightly cried.
Soolyeon's POV
I woke up gasping for air. That was one of my scariest nightmares. I stayed on my bed, probably still I'm shock and just processed my dream. I don't usually have nightmares. What am I going to do??? I don't want that to happen to me. I'm so scared. What if this actually happens? Omg...
I can't fall back asleep... I like jisung but this is too much.... It's 3:30 am... Fuck. I can't sleep.

8:00 am

Fuck, I'm late.. Again. I quickly took a shower and got dressed. Dammit, it's 8:15. Mom isn't here so I can't ask her to drive. I grabbed my bag and quickly went downstairs. I didn't see Jaehyun. Wtf, is he sleeping? Anyways, I have to go. I ran a fast as I could. It's a good thing I wore jogging pants. 8:20.... I have time. I continued running until there was a red light. Are you fucking kidding me? Right now? I'm frustrated.  When the light turned green, I sprinted. To my oh so great luck, there was a rock in the middle of my way. I stepped on it and fell. WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE????? Why? I was already late for school, there's no way I can make it.
Fuck this hurts so bad. And to make this worse, this is the leg that the guy hit against the fucking wall the last time. I rested against a fence and just held my leg. (sigh).... This is just not my day.
"hey baby, you need some help?" a random voice said. I freaked out. Who said that? What the fuck?
"what the fuck? No.... Thank you, I'm fine. " I said to the random voice.
"oh come on.... I can help you" he said again. I'm starting to freak out. Who is this guy? He then appeared in front of me. He looked around my age. He was about to say something else but someone cut him off.
"hey man. What you doing around my girlfriend?" I looked to see who it was and it was Jisung. Omg. He called me his girlfriend???? I know he's just trying to help me but... Whoa.
"wait a second.... Jisung?" The guy said turning around.
"what do you want?" jisung didn't seem to care who he was.
"this yo girl?" he said. Jisung rolled his eyes. The guy seemed annoying already.
"yeah, so what?" jisung said annoyed.
"She's pretty " he said turning back to me.
"stay the hell away from her" jisung said making the other guy turn back around.
"chilllll, I won't do nun. I still don't believe she yo girl tho " wooow.... That's kinda rude.
"well she is" jisung said letting go of  the guy.
"prove it" he said with a smile.
"wtf... How?" jisung sounded confused. So was I.
"kiss her" the guy said. WHAT. NO NO NO WHAT THE HELL. IS HE SERIOUS??? HE CAN'T BE.
"sure" jisung said walking past the guy and leaning down towards me.
"I'm sorry" he whispered with a smile before placing his lips on mine. I'm freaking out. I'm actually kissing him right now. His lips are so soft. He held my chin and continued. After about 8262281951771 seconds, we finally stopped. He looked at the guy with an annoyed look.
"dude... I'm sorry.... I really didn't know she was your gir-"
"well next time, get your facts right" jisung said not letting the guy finish his sentence. He walked away and Jisung sat next to me.
"um.... So.... " he started talking. I'm still freaking out... That kiss.... I.... Holy shit...
"soolyeon..... I umm..... I actually like you and that kiss was... "
"amazing" I said turning to him.
"jisung, I like you too. You've always asked me why I get nervous around you. It's because of that. Ever since that day you called me cute, even tho I'm not... There's just this feeling that.... (sigh)... Idek...
I just... Like you" I said.... Wow... I literally opened up to him. He smiled and looked at me.
"soolyeon, you're amazing. And you are really cute and I'm glad... You like me back... These feelings were inside for way too long. " he said. I'm so happy right now. I have a boyfriend now.... This is so weird, but the good kind of weird. He leaned in a kissed me again. I suddenly forgot about school and how I was late.
Jisung took me to school and we ran into his teacher.
"what is this? Why are you guys so late? It's 9:15. What the hell were you doing?" The way he spoke was annoying. Jisung was holding my waist and supporting me like the last time.
"uh.... Sorry sir... We just had.... Stuff to take car-"
"that does not excuse you for missing almost an hour of school. Both of you, detention. And jisung, get in my office, now" wtf. Why is his teacher so rude. He tried to explain a simple fucking situation, what the hell. I found my way back to class and, of course, the teacher yelled at me COMPLETELY ignoring the fact that I limped all the way there. (sigh)....
End of Soolyeon's POV

This part is a mess but it's fine.
Hope you enjoyed :)

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