1- The news

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I would like to give you a preview on how the story starts out, I will update each chapter once per day starting June 11th,2018. If I get the time I will update sooner.


Dedicated to everyone who is living with breast cancer, and to the one's who we have lost to this terrible disease. This hits very close to home for me. Just remember to fight and never give up hope!❤🎗🎗🥀🌺 💖💖💖💖

The doctor walked into his office shaking Antonio and Harlow's hand, then walked around his desk and sat down holding onto Harlow's mammogram, MRI and biopsy results. "Please, sit down." The doctor said, holding his hand out to the chairs across from him. Harlow sat down crossing her legs, nervous to hear what he has to say. Antonio sat down reaching for Harlow's hand, holding tightly onto her hand while waiting for the doctor to read them her results.

She heard the four words she never thought she would ever hear. "You have breast cancer." The doctor explained to her. She gasped when she heard the other words the doctor had to say "You have metastatic cancer, which means you're at stage four." She put her head in her hands "My girls." She cried out. Antonio lowered his head and started rubbing her back letting her know that he and the girls will be there for her.

Antonio then looked at the doctor "What does all that mean, metastatic cancer?"

The doctor took in a deep breath while taking his glasses off and clasping his hands together. "What it means, and I'm sorry to say that the cancer is incurable, the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes, lungs, bones and also her liver." He explained as he handed Antonio the paperwork.

Antonio took the papers, looking at them in shock "I guess I don't understand how this happened? It doesn't run in her family, and she had no signs of lumps on her breasts until a couple weeks ago. She's only twenty eight years old." Antonio says, choking up.

"Sometimes there are other signs if no lumps have formed, sometimes it could be discharge of the nipple, or swelling of the breasts, breast or nipple pain-"

"I've noticed that I have been having shortness of breath, and some difficulty breathing, my breasts also have been sore." She sighed "I've also been feeling extremely tired and to where my body just hurts. I just thought I was coming down with the flu or that it was something else going on, breast cancer never even crossed my mind." Harlow said, cutting the doctor off.

"So now what? Antonio asked, feeling devastated.

"We can discuss options, we can't cure it at this point, but what we can do is treat it."

"Which is?" asked Antonio.

"We can start off with hormone therapy and see if her body responds to that, if it doesn't respond, that would mean we would have to start chemotherapy with the option of surgery. After surgery, then we start radiation therapy. There are other options as well, like clinical trials amongst other treatments."

"Do we have to decide what we're going to do right now, or can we go home and talk about our options? I would like to discuss all of our options first, look at the pro's and con's of everything before we decide on what to do."

"By all means, think about it and call me as soon as you decide. We will need to start treatment right away to prevent the cancer from spreading anywhere else."

Antonio helped Harlow stand up, and shook the doctors hand. "Thank you Dr. Walters, we'll be in touch." He placed his hand on the small of her back and walked Harlow to the car, once she was inside the car, she broke down.

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