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Song: Say my name
Random song.
Y/n POV *next day in the afternoon*

We all decided to get some ice cream. We walked into the ice cream place, and I ordered a vanilla cone with sprinkles on it. Mean while, everyone else got something else extremely complicated.

I didn't really eat that much, and when I did, it was probs unhealthy, but hey, I never get fat sooooo...

Once I got my ice cream I walked up to Finn and whispered something random in his ear.

"Sorry, what did you say?" He said while turning around.

Taking this as an advantage, I took my ice cream and smashed it into his forehead.

"YOUR A UNICORN" I yelled then start cracking up. I'm so grateful I have him as a friend.

"Y/N Y/L/N!!! I WILL KILL YOU" he said while laughing. Over the past few days we've gotten very close as friends.

Will's POV

I was watching Y/n and Finn laugh, and I kinda felt jealous... wait what?

Okay, it's true. I LIKE Y/N...but she probably doesn't like me, I mean she probably likes Finn. Why would she like me?

I watched, as Finn struggled getting the ice cream off himself, while Y/n watched.

Jealously was getting the better of me...

"Take a picture and it will last longer." I turned around to see Sadie.

"H-Huh? w-what? I-I..." god, I'm a stuttering mess!!!

Sadie smirked.

"Oh come on! It's obvious you like her! Why don't you just ask her out?"

"W-Well it's not that easy! And is it really that obvious?" I said, a bit nervous for her response.

While still smirking, she replied with "Yes Will, it's pretty that obvious." She rolled her eyes. "What ever. But when her and Finn are dating, don't come running back to me for HELP."

And with that, she walked away.


I groaned, and then turned back to the group, putting on my best smile.

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