Art and crafters x Gotta sweep human ver.

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This is where Arts and Crafters and Gotta sweep are students at Baldi's schoolhouse

Art and crafters POV:

I walked slowly to my class, my drawing notebook and math notebook in hand. I was really nervous about meeting my teacher and classmates, this was my first day here at school. Every step I took towards the classroom, the more nervous I got. What if everyone hates me? What if I make a bad impression? While I was mentally questioning myself, I didn't notice the broom riding boy (its Harry Potter) coming towards me. The last thing I remembered was falling to the ground unconscious.

Gotta Sweep's POV:

Fuck, I just hit a new student, Mr. Baldi's gonna kill me and not mentally, fucking physically. I poked the student to see if they were ok and they were. "Sorry, I didn't mean t-," I saw them panic and search around frantically like they lost something. They had their math book, what else did they need? "Um, did you lose something? I mean you have your math book, that's all you need for Mr. Baldi's class." Once he explained what he lost, I quickly started to help. I found a notebook that said 'Art and Crafters drawing book; if found please return to Art and Crafters'. "Is this the missing book?" The grayish sweater wearing boy looked over and grabbed the book from my hands. "Thank you for finding my drawing book." He blushe and the color on him looked adorable.

No one POV:

The two clearly gay boys heard the last minute warning bell which meant they had to get their asses down that hall and to Baldi's classroom.

And that's a wrap. There will be a part 2 coming out for this so don't. Thank you Xxlazy-chanxX for requesting this. Like normal you may still request, I also do lemons if you want a lemon. 

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