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Alexander Hamilton.

It was a household name.

Everyone knew the man was a genius but no one knew how. How this man, this human being, was able to create a system that somehow knew exactly when someone's life was going to end.

The system was created so that people knew when their last day was. So that they could live that last day to the best of their abilities. Maybe Alexander Hamilton is a hero, allowing people to live a last day they could be proud of. Or maybe Alexander Hamilton is a monster, the fear of the Last Cast ringtone looming in everyone's mind.

Last Cast was never wrong. Not a single death, hadn't already been reported to the person, 24 hours before their looming end. Everyone knew the Last Cast ringtone, it was its own ringtone. A tone that couldn't be copied or recorded, a tone that was it's own. For this ringtone was more important than any other call or text that person would receive that day, because it meant they wouldn't be able to receive any other calls or texts, the next day. There wouldn't be a next day...

Of course, Alexander doesn't do this all alone. He was a billionaire, probably one of, if not the richest man on earth. He has countless amounts of people who are alerted of the number that is needed to be called, so they call, and inform the person on the other line of their nearing end. It was almost horrifying, how one could so calmly explain to a person their death, for they were just another caller out of hundreds, from that day. Yet, it was the most terrible thing that could happen to the decker.

Decker, that was what they called them. People who were currently living their last day were called Deckers. There were dozens of centers sprinkled around towns, cities, everywhere. Places where deckers could experience an amazing experience such as swimming with sharks or skydiving, without endangering the deckers looming end.

Yet, one of the most amazing inventions, was called the Last Friend App. A free, fast downloading, non WiFi needing app that allowed lonely deckers to find other deckers, so no one had to spend their last day alone. Or there were the kind souls, who weren't even deckers, but still put in the time to be there for the decker on their last day.

This invention was not made by Alexander Hamilton. But he knew of it, everyone knew of it. He had just never thought we would ever need to use it. Until that day...the day that not only ended the life of the most powerful man on earth, but also changed the lives of millions. One, specifically, being the librarian, John Laurens.

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