Chapter 2 :; Today Never Happened

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I stood next to the stairs of Blackwell Academy. School wasn't close to starting yet, and I needed to get one more assignment done anyways but before I could I heard Nathan yelling," give it back!" " you can't be on the team twitch, not if your into things like that,"  Samantha and Chloe were on the side which I didn't see before I made my way over," hey leave him alone!" " aw, the girls gonna talk" " give Nathan back his book," " this sick twitch is-" " don't say that!" I put my hand out for him to hand me the book but sadly he threw it in the water before anyone could reach it. He walked away me ,Samantha shook her head failing to attempt towards Nathan. I watched Drew walk away before Nathan grabbed my hand after he retrieved his book," let's go" He pulled me a little but not to much I knew he was upset and that caused him to get a little angry sometimes. We headed to our first class. 

                                                   ~ The Morning Before ' The Tempest ' ~ 

It was moments after Rachel left the office before she texted me she was not allowed in the play. I felt awful for Rachel, this was her first production and she was amazing as Prosperia. I had my own part of Chastity, a girl who's face is covered by the sins she has done. Showing her sorrow and hate for some of the show. Also, I was the only one that wore shoes in the show next to Nathan. Hours pasted, my parents told me earlier Rachel would come later to school but she didn't show up and then I found out how Victoria was now Prosperia since she is the understudy but, not a good one. She talked to everyone how she's better then Rachel and how she was going to be amazing at it. Amazing at failing I guess. Damon sent me some texts that he had to deal with Drew because the money he owned to him. I'm only one of those few people who know about how Damon hates his money being late. 

" Tho' should not judge me, Chastity! All my sorrows come to be!" I walked on stage as Rachel's fake angry look turned into a soft one," This is Caliban, your new companion." Nathan looked over at me as Rachel started to speak again after slamming her stick to the ground but not to hard ," uncover her face! Don't let her be marked by death anymore, she is now marked with fear until further inution!" Nathan gently grasped my face as he wiped the paint off gently, as an amount of it came off but didnt show on his costume. After Rachel's last line towards me, I left and Nathan spoke some of his. We all went out when the curtain call happened. I was before Rachel in line, I still was a little confused of how Rachel got her part back but I did see Victoria pass out back stage. We all grabbed hands and took a final bow before we left the stage. I put my costume on the hanger and wiped the remaining paint that was left on my face before I grabbed my bag, before I felt someone grasp my hand tightly. I saw Damon," I told you not to fucking get in any fights, I told you not to talk to a client." " I didn't talk to one" he quickly twisted my wrist before I turned, my back against his chest as I whimpered loudly," Chloe. You talked to Chloe" he grabbed my neck with one hand so tight I couldn't breath. Soon enough I was spitting out blood and close to passing out until her threw me to the ground. I tried to sit up but he got on top of me, his knees in my legs. I whimpered again from the pain," don't you fucking disobey me again!" He pulled his hand into a fist before my head flew back onto the ground, blood spilled from my nose. I slowly sat up and fell a little when I put pressure on my wrist. It was broken," your my bitch." He walked away those being his final words, I tried to get up but I couldn't. It took me a couple of minutes before I finally stood up and grabbed my bag again carefully. Blood was stained under my nose and a little over my mouth and some was on the concrete. I walked away from the scene before I saw Steph," hey can you give me a ride ?" She turned to me, her face turning sad and scared," holy shit! What happened to you?" " I fell onto the ground ... I'm okay" " you don't look okay.. of course I'll drive you home" " thanks " I said before slowly with my non broken hand before getting in the passenger seat. She started to drive me home as she told me about how she had a crush on Rachel but, Chloe told her it's complicated between the two of them. Maybe it was. She helped me get out since she saw how much I needed help with opening the door in the first place. I knew my parents would be busy so I could sneak past them. When I went in I did just that, going upstairs to my bedroom that was close to Rachel's. I took some goss and wrapped my wrist carefully. But it hurt like hell. I tried to wipe all the blood off my face but some stayed. 

                                                                                 ~ Dinner ~ 

Everyone was quiet, until I finally joined my family. Rachel being the first to notice," oh my god, your face. What happened ?" " I looked down as I shakily picked up my fork," I fell on the ground after the play" my mother looked over at me," you poor thing..." I looked over seeing Chloe at the  table, giving her barely a smile before turning to my plate as I started to eat," so Chloe do you and Rachel have classes together ?" 

" well we use to.. but not anymore" " oh, i'm sorry" Chloe and my parents had a talk, as Rachel just sat there until it turned into a argument. Rachel sprinted as she stood up and grabbed a bowl before slamming it down on the table as the glass shattered and flew everywhere, I jumped standing up and away from her," why can't you just tell me he fucking truth?!stop lying , stop being a polotian for once for one fucking minute, can't you just be my dad ?!" My Dad stepped up," Rachel, that woman you saw wasn't my mistress... that was your all's mother" It took a hour for my father to explain and once he was done I left. I knew all them wanted to stop me but I couldn't take it. I just wanted to be away for a little bit, my wrist still didn't change. 

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