Chapter 1

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☀️Your POV☀️

I was finally happy, the bright warm sun hit my skin. I was in Cancún Mexico, I just landed. Getting of the plane, and out the airport, a rush of yelling people dash pass me, almost tripping me. I look around and see a crowd of people screaming and crying with joy. I walk with my luggage rolling behind me. I stop at the crowd and get on my tip toes to see what the crowd was excited about. Tom Holland walked through the crowd and left the group starstruck. He looked back at the screaming fans, he glanced at me. I was wearing shorts someone would wear to bed. I had an old shirt with stains of chips and crumbs. My hair was in a messy bun with my glasses sitting on my head. I was wearing my slides, and I looked tired. Despite my flaws he smirked at me. And I smiled back, whipping my crumbs off my shirt. He turns back to walk away into a car. Stunned- I keep walking in the direction of my cab.

In my hotel room, out the window was a view of the clear ocean. The sun was starting to set, but it was still warm. So it was the perfect time to go swimming.
My swimsuits were spread out on my bed. I picked my one piece swimsuit that was all red. I also places my ex-boyfriends old hat he let me borrow, and never returned. I grabbed my hand purse filled with money, and my phone.
I made my way down to the ocean, my toes covered in the warm sand. I placed my hat on a chair they had for visitors, leaving my hand bag too. Sure I was going to the beach by myself, most of this trip I was bound to spend alone. The water tempted me to splash into. I placed my feet in the shallow water, brushing against my legs, the water was cool, bringing the warmth of the sand down. I turned around as I heard a screaming girl. It was Tom Holland, again.
Don't get me wrong I like Tom Holland, but he's human too, I should treat him as if he was a stranger.
A really really cute stranger that it.
After he finished talking to the girl, he looks at me, but I shyly turn around.
"Are you waiting for anyone?" I heard Tom's cute accent behind me, triggering me to turn and smile.
"N-no. I'm here by myself." I take a deep breath, thinking about my friends back home, that I left behind.
"I can keep you company- if thats alright with you?" He stood beside me and also stuck his feet in the water. He was wearing cute swim trunks and, of course shirtless. Tempted, I slowly go further into the water, now my body getting cooler.
"Oh. Should- Should I follow you?" Tom asked, seeming a bit confused.
"If you want," I shrug and go a bit further into the water.
Tom waddled into the water.
"What's your name?" He swam closer to me and soon we were both starting to ease down.
"(y/n)," You answer.
"Well, (y/n), what brings you here."
I scoff.
"If anything I should ask what you're doing here. Obviously more important than what i'm doing here." What I said seemed normal, as if I was talking to one of my friends or family members, I frightened my self and looked away. I blushed but you couldn't tell due to my cheeks already being rosey from the heat.
"My buddies planned a vacation for me. They said I was working hard and deserved a break."
"I agree, taking a break once in a while is necessary."
"So I'm guessing you're also here for a vacation?" he smiled at me, which made me feel awkward.
"Yeah, looks like I picked the right place."
"Oh, its wonderful here," Tom looked around and admired the beach.
"I was gonna grab a bite, if you wanna join me. I mean you don't have too," I started to make my way to the shore.
"I just have to change out of my swimsuit." I looked down at my legs, I looked up and saw Tom also staring down. I quickly said something the distract him from looking at me.
"You can wait for me - If you want." I stuttered and he nodded. I grabbed my hand purse and my hat.

Arriving outside my hotel room, Tom stopped me.
"Woah!" He exclaimed, "You got a VIP hotel room? No way!"
I smiled and shrugged.
"I had to treat myself." Suddenly I tried opening the door, and it was opening. I looked in my hand purse to see if my hotel card was in there.
"Holy.." I gasped.
"Don't tell me that you forgot your card?" He asked me.
"Yeah.. Lets go to the front desk.
I look at my phone, it was 7:58, the bakery I wanted to go to closed at 8:30.

Tom and I arrived at the front desk, but the employees where changing shifts.
A boy who seemed like a teenager, stood there with an unhappy face.
"Excuse me?" I asked as I got to the front disk.
"I left my key in my hotel room, is there anyway you can help me by any chan-" I was  cut off.
"Nope sorry."
I looked at Tom and he has the same expression as me, confused.
"Well is there anyone else that can help me?" The boy looked up,
"The manager is the only one that can help you."
"Can I get the manager then?" Tom suddenly was approached by a fan. He went to take a picture, but I kept trying to figure out this little boy.
"Just wait." He pulled out his phone, then proceeded to take a selfie of him self.
"Are you serious? Can I get the manager?" I waved my hand.
"Hey lady! Get your hands away from me. I said to WAIT." He continued to type on his phone.
"Excuse you? Im just trying to get some help here? Is there anyone on the clock that actually know or does their job?!" I started to raise my voice.
"Don't raise your voice at me lady." He snapped at me.
Suddenly I felt someones arm grab me. I turned around and it was Tom. The fan stood there, smiling at me. I turned back around to the snarky boy.
"If anything, you raised your voice first!"
"Fuck off.." He looked at me then looked down at his phone.
"Hey!" Tom let go of my arm and went to the desk.
"You shouldn't talk to a customer like that. Or anyone like that, show more respect for the young lady, you know what. How about you fuck off? You've been nothing but rude to her and it ends here you jerk." Tom was starting to get furious. I looked at the fan who was trying to sneak a video of Tom. Again, Tom grabbed my arm and rushed us out of the hotel lobby.
Outside, he was still pulling my arm.
"Where are we going?" I was suddenly already in another hotel building.
"Ill get you some clothes."

Inside Toms hotel room, I sat on his bed.
"Here, just put this over." It was a navy t-shirt and some of his gym shorts. I put the clothes on. His shorts were baggy on me.
He laughed as soon as I put on my slides.
"Hey!" I yelled.
"Sorry, you just look so cute!" He kept laughing but I blushed.
I looked down at my phone.
"Tom its 8:15 lets go."

We were running down the sidewalks, making our way to the bakery. One of the employees turned the 'Open' sign to 'Closed'.
"Wait!" I turned my phone to the door, out of breath.
"Its only 8:26" It took longer than expected because of a fan stopping Tom.
He shook his head. But someone who seemed like a manager opened the door for us.
"Thank you!" Tom gratefully said.
"You're welcome, Ill get you something. On the house!"

Back at the hotel room, I kept playing over and over again, our not official date. We were sitting at a table, facing each other. I started to feel warm. We both were spending the time laughing and talking.
"I think its time to go," Tom showed me his phone, it was already 9:06.
"Yeah we don't want to bother them."
We left and it was a calm walk back. He was walking closer to me than he was before. He walked me to my hotel room, (after I got my hotel key card back.) It was a sweet moment between us.
"So.. I'll see you tomorrow?" Tom asked as he stepped closer to me.
"Yeah, of course.." I pushed hair behind my ear.
"Ill give you these tomorrow?" I pinched the shirt.
"Yeah, thats alright." He reached down and opened my palm. His warm hands were wrapped around mine. He placed a napkin from the Bakery that was folded.
"Goodnight (y/n)" He walked off and didn't turn to look back.
I sat on my bed, looking at the napkin. It was his number. I threw myself back in the covers.
I let out a big deep breath looking up at the ceiling. My head turned to the outside view of the night sky. The stars seemed closer than ever before, as if they were going to sweep me up into the sky. The breeze of outside hit my eyes, I smiled sweetly and closed my eyes. I feel asleep, and for the first time in a long time, I felt still.

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