(29) Emotions?

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"Uh.. Could you get me a screwdriver, Baymax?"

"What kind?"

"The one that tightens and loosens screws," Hiro laughed but shook his head in amusement, "I'm kidding, the Hex Driver please."

Hiro and Baymax were on his lab fixing something.

Or someone, perhaps.

You see, a few days ago, on their hunt for Kitten, an evil girl with a father for a moth, they stumbled across an abandoned building and found a capsule with something inside.

They decided to bring it to their lab for further inspection and later found out that it was a robot inside.

But it was very peculiar indeed.

Baymax once told Hiro that he detected signs of 'life' that made them come inside the abandoned building. It was strange to find that it was a robot that caused Baymax's sensor to tell about life signs around the area.

Anyways, back to them:

Baymax gave the required screwdriver that Hiro needed and Hiro took it while mumbling a small thanks.

Hearing an ouch! from an unknown direction, Baymax waddled out of the room to mend the patient, leaving Hiro in the lab.

Approaching the unknown robot, Hiro noticed the piece of (skin color) square metal part almost falling off. It was located on the robot's forearm.

He quickly rushed towards it and grabbed the metal before it reached the ground.

Nice save, Hiro. Hiro chuckled to himself as he placed back the metal to its original place only to see a metal like bone inside with some red, blue, green, yellow and pink wires.

It appeared to be in different order than it should have been.

Furrowing his eyebrows in confusion, the young adult placed the small metal part, that was on his hand, on a wooden table nearby and grabbed some of the wires, connecting them in each specific color.

It made some sparks while doing so, but Hiro didn't mind. He was very curious about this robot and who made it.

The robot looked realistic.

Too realistic in anyone's liking.

It almost looked like a person.

I repeat, almost.

After connecting the robot's wires in order, Hiro backed away and fixed the missing piece of metal on the robot's arm.

Turning around to grab coffee with the other gang members, the noises of beeping and the small yet clear turning of bolts caught his attention to face the creator of the sounds.

To his surprise, the robot, that he was repairing, slowly sat up.

It still had its eyes closed, but the way her hair moved along with her movements made him stare at the thing a little longer.

He jumped a bit when it quickly snapped its eyes open. There, he saw shining (E/c) orbs that illuminated from the sun rays.

She turned her attention on the young male adult and raised an eyebrow.

As she stood up from the metal table that she was put down, Hiro on the other hand was full-blown panicking.

What was she going to do when she gets near him?

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