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ANOTHER year had gone by in the old country farmhouse alone, with no Granny and Pop to congratulate twins Sumre and Sundae Whyte on their successes (or even their failures) in life. Obsessed with the past, and an unhealthy fascination of the fairy-tale, "Alice in Wonderland", the two young women whiled away their time, reminiscing, re-decorating, re-celebrating their favorite holidays, birthdays, and Prom. Ultimately settling on the impending arrival and re-arrival of their first loves.

But, this year something unusual happened to change all that . . .

* * * * *

AS the girl's disappeared behind the open doorway (to what the boys assumed was the kitchen), V raised one hand, piping up out of nowhere, "Who thinks they're gorgeous?"

Reluctantly all hands went up, even as Jimin swiveled to face the others after watching the twin's slender backsides sway seductively away from the table.

Putting his hand down, V snickered . . . the next question taking them all by surprise.

"Who thinks they're crazy?" Watching all hands shoot up yet again around the table, he added jokingly, "Who cares?" shrugging his shoulders and reaching for the plate of pizzas.

"JungKook's not dead yet, I think we're safe."

*   *   *   *   *

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