Chapter One: First Encounter

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Chapter One

First Encounter

Detroit 2038.

"There's a new case for you, Miss Price."

It wasn't a surprise that Hank wasn't at the station when he had been called to a mission. Every night he'd go bar hopping — not that I blamed him. Everyone had their own coping mechanisms — and for Hank, becoming an evident alcoholic was his.

Hank was the closest thing to family I had left — enough so I usually used his last name, but that didn't mean I agreed with all of his choices.

I sighed as I set my paperwork back on my desk. I tried my best to focus on the case file but my mind couldn't help but drift far away to anything but work. What brought me back to reality was the atmosphere change when someone new had come into the building.

Something new.

I knew we would be working with an Android — a new test model — but I didn't expect the Android to be nearly as handsome as he was.

"Miss Price?"

I raised my eyes from the computer screen, finding myself gazing into the most beautiful pair of brown eyes I had ever seen before.

"Y-yes?" I replied quietly, unsure of myself.

"My name is Connor. I'm the Android sent by cyberlife."

I felt my heart fall at the admission of him being an Android. He was a beautiful specimen — regardless of being an Android, he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Whoever created him had good taste.

"It's nice to meet you, Connor." I smiled at him, "But please, just call me Tasha."

"Tasha." He repeated softly, making my cheeks flush slightly. "I was unable to find Hank Anderson. You two are partners, correct?"

I nodded, "Yeah, we go way back. Anyways, Hank's probably out drinking. I can help you find him, if you want."

Connor seemed to think on this a moment, "Yes, I do believe that would be most efficient."

I hummed in response as I followed him out of the building, tying my jacket tighter due to the cold breeze. "There's ten bars I know of that Hank likes to visit after work — his favorite is the fifth furthest from here. I'll check the first few, but your best bet is that one. If you find Hank just tell him to call me."

Connor nodded in reply. He didn't talk much, though for an android that was normal.

"Well I'll see you soon hopefully," I smiled at him once more before turning away, walking towards the closest bar as Connor walked past towards the others.

It was ten minutes later when I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I pulled it out, lifting it to my ear. "Hello Hank. I'm assuming Connor found you easily?" I hummed happily, laughing slightly when I heard how grumbly Hank sounded.

"You should've called me, Tasha."

I rolled my eyes as I stepped out of the bar, "We both know you wouldn't have picked up — Oh, I see you! Pull over, prick." I joked, waving him down as I put my phone back in my pocket.

I slid into the back seat, putting my seatbelt on as I smiled at Hank who gave me a disapproving shake of his head. "You are far too cheery for this time of night."

"Oh, c'mon, Hank! This is the first case homicide we've had in a while, cheer up!"

"You know, I think most people aren't cheery over a homicide, kiddo." Hank retorted, looking at me through his rear view mirror.

I stuck my tongue out in retaliation, but remained silent as he began to raise the volume of his Heavy Metal.

When we finally arrived to the scene of the crime, Hank turned so he could look at both Connor and myself.

"Stay here."

I narrowed my eyes at him.

"No way, Hank! I am not —"

Hank turned back to me, narrowing his own eyes. "Stay. Here."

As he got out of the car I flipped him off, groaning in frustration. I tapped my foot impatiently against the ground.

"Fuck this," I mumbled as I got out of the car at the exact same moment as Connor.

"Well, I guess great minds think alike." I teased, giving him a small smile before stepping over to stand beside Hank.

As we walked into the building, the stench grew from tolerable to nearly unbearable as we neared the body.

"Gah, gotta love a homicide."


A/N: I know it's short but it's faster for me to write this way. It's not perfect, but the story takes time to build. Connor is my fave from DBH, of course.

Please comment any requests you want me to add to the story, or anything I can improve on.
This is a work in progress.
When I switch POV I'll try to state so :)

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