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An hour goes by and we are completely drunk. "So Gabe came over to ask permission to propose to Sam?"he asked me. I nodded. "Yeah than he hugged me"I chuckled. Cas laughed.

We were both just laughing. "You have a nice laugh"I whispered. He smiled at me. "Thanks. Balth says the same thing"he says. I shake my head.

"What?"he asked. "Nothing just it's always Balthazar. For everything"I stand up. "You have a problem with my boyfriend?"he asked. I nodded. "Yes. I do. I hate him. Everyone hates him. You should to"I told him. He just sits there.

"He's bad Cas. And you should know it. You have to see it to."I said. He looks down. "Your really drunk"he said. "Well. So are you"I sit next to him again.

It's silent for a bit.

"What are we doing Cas? You always come over and get drunk. You leave and I go to work hungover."I said. "I'm tired."he laughed.

"Jack wants me to adopt him"I told him. Cas chuckled. "What did you say?"he asked. "That I would think about it"I told him.

He nodded. "Well, maybe you should"he said. I stared at him in confusion. "He seems like a good kid. That probably deserves more than he gets"he said. I nodded.

"I'm sorry"I said. He shrugged. "Doesn't matter. "He whispered. He looked at me. I smiled at him. "......"I started to lean closer to him.

He smiled at me and leans forward as well. Than we close the distance and he put his hand on my cheek.

After a couple of seconds, he backs away. "I'm really drunk"he whispered. "Same"I said. He laughed. Than passed out. I stared at him for a couple seconds than picked him up and took him to my room.

"Please god let him forget tonight."I whispered.  I walked out of my room and slept on the couch.

Next day
I woke up with a huge headache. And heard footsteps. I sit up and see Cas about to leave. "Hey"I said. He smiled. "Hey. Head hurt?"he asked. I nodded. "How about you?"I asked. "I'm skipping work today"he laughed.

"Wish I could do that"I smirked. He shrugged. "I'm lucky"he smiled awkwardly. "You remember what happened last night?"I asked.

"Um........just you saying that Jack wants you to adopt him. Everything else is blurry. What else happened?"he asked. I shook my head.

"Nothing. See ya I guess"I smiled. He nodded and left. And I got ready for work.

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