How Can You Participate?

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The main way to participate in this movement is to include the tag #FreetheMuslimWoman or #FreeMuslimWomen in your Wattpad story. Below are some of the ways in which your story can qualify.



Your story can be tagged #FreetheMuslimWoman if it does any of the following:

- Explores common stereotypes about a Muslim girl, and tries to debunk those stereotypes. Examples of stereotypes can range from the Muslim woman bring "oppressed" in the headscarf to people thinking she has to be covered 24/7, including while she sleeps or takes a shower (Yes, there are people who actually think this). 

- Contains a Muslim girl character who defies traditional expectations of her. Traditional expectations include growing up to become a doctor, getting married, or even being the perfect, "model" Muslim girl, who's very religious and observes the hijab. Not all Muslim women are the same! Contrary to popular belief, we are actually a very diverse group of people. If that's what you would like to show in your story, then this is the campaign for you!

- Or it simply tries to portray Muslim women in a positive light - Maybe you are someone who cherishes tradition. Maybe you love those cliche stories where a young and pious Muslim woman ends up marrying the man she loves. And if you are, there's nothing wrong with that! So long as your Muslim girl character is showcased in a positive light, (meaning, she's not a crazy, uneducated, ISIS-supporting extremist) your story can qualify for this campaign as well. 



In addition to what kind of stories are allowed to participate in this campaign, I must also discuss what type of stories are definitely not allowed:

- STORIES THAT ROMANTICIZE ABUSE, NEGLECT, OR VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND - I've seen so many of these types of stories on Wattpad, and honestly, it really disturbs me. This campaign will not be affiliated with any stories that romanticize abuse, neglect, sexual assault, or anything of the like. Examples of such stories include ones in which a Muslim girl is married to a man who constantly abuses her, but whom falls in love with her later on in the story, somehow, and they end up staying together. (shudders)

- STORIES IN WHICH THE MUSLIM GIRL GIVES UP HER IDENTITY - Part of this campaign's purpose is to showcase Muslim women who are proud of who they are, proud that they wear the hijab, proud that they follow Islam, and proud of identifying as a Muslim, despite the many challenges that come with all of that. With that being said, this campaign is not meant to support stories in which the Muslim girl ultimately gives up her identity, such as choosing to stop being a Muslim or succumbing to societal pressure and removing her hijab. Rather, this campaign aims to support stories in which the Muslim girl embraces her identity or learns to do so, despite the disapproval of those around her. 


If after reading this, you're still unsure of whether your story is able to qualify for this campaign, don't hesitate to reach out to me :)

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