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Third pov

All the members had looked through Jungkooks phone. They saw the threats, they saw the crude messages, They saw what Jungkook had been hiding. But why would he hide it? All they ever wanted to do was protect him from The bad things in this world , but now he was with The bad of this world.

The police had been called.

The phone had been handed over.

And their was a search party for Jungkook. Usually the police wait 48 hours to have a search party for a missing person but every one is convinced that he was kid napped by Jun-ho.

All the members were extremely worried. They knew what Jun-ho wanted from Jungkook and they new it wasn't good.

Ever since they found out Jun-ho probably either had Jungkook or was looking for him after he ran out, the members had been a mess and it had only been 3 hours since they found the messages.

Jin at first was lecturing the police on how to do their jobs and find Jungkook. Soon after the police left he was stress cleaning but stoped to help the panicked members because someone had to.

Namjoon had been pulling his hair out and screaming internally at himself for not helping Jungkook when he had come for him prior. But on the out side he was doing as Jin was and helping the members telling them Jungkook would be okay.

Oh how he hoped he would.

And oh how he was wrong. He would be anything but okay.

Hoseok was in shock and so horrified and scared for the makane that he hadn't gotten off the couch and was silent the whole time. After all he was the first to see what the bunny boy had been receiving these past few months.

Jimin was comforting Yoongi who after punching a hole in the wall and drinking 2 beers tried to run after jungkook again and needed to be watched, even though all Jimin wanted to do was curl In a ball and cry but his brother was more important.

Taehyung had cried for a whole hour at the thought of Jungkook being lost in some ally or even worse with that monster. But he hoped he was just in some ally even though it sounded bad he knew it was better than being with Jun-ho.

Yoongi. Well he was taking it the worst.

He had tried on multiple occasions to run out side and find Jungkook but been pulled back into the house by mama Jin or Jimin. No words could express how mad he was at himself.

He hates himself. (A/n y y'all have to vote yoongs:'()

Jungkook had come to him for protection against Jun-ho and he had pushed it away and called him foolish. Then he fucked shit up even more by saying Jungkook was getting special treatment and basically calling him over dramatic.

He had taken his anger out by punching a wall, drinking and going into Jungkooks room and ripping up all the pictures of himself and Jungkook on Jungkooks photo board well mumbling about how he didn't deserve him.

I wonder how badly Yoongi will take it when he finds out what will happen to Jungkook well trapped with Jun-ho. He might not be able to live with himself.

Jin pov

I heard yelling coming from Jungkooks room and imedentley dropped everything and ran to the missing boys small room.

I busted through the door and was met with a wobbling Yoongi surrounded by ripped pictures of himself and Jungkook .

I automatically knew what was wrong.

"Awe Yoongi-ssi honey." I say walking over to him and taking the scissors out from his pale fingers. I turned him around and knew he wasn't drunk but was surly tipsy .

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