Friendly Neighbors (BxB)

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I couldn't wait to move into my new apartment. I was so eager to move out of my parents place and finally be a man.

That was three years ago. I started to feel as though I'm stuck in a never ending cycle of debt and loneliness.

That was until Ashton showed up in my apartment one day, sitting on the couch like he owned the place.

We were best friends in high school all through college. Until the day I told him I was gay, he didn't want anything to do with me. Like our friendship didn't exist. I mean its not like I told him I was in love with him.

Don't get me wrong Ashton was one sexy ass man. From his muscular build to his dreamy blue eyes all the way to his prefect dusty blonde hair that he always ran his fingers through when he was either frustrated or blushing.

He was totally irresistible. He had girls swooning at the sight of him. I can't say I  haven't jerked off a couple times about him.

' What are you doing here Ashton? I thought you said you never wanted to see me again and now you just break into my  apartment like its yours.' I spat a little harsher than I meant to.

' I didn't break in if the door was unlocked.' he smirked.

' Besides I needed to see you, Caleb.' He stood up and walked slowly towards me. When he reached directly in front of me, he backed me up against the wall.

' I was so wrong to push you away all those years ago.'
     ' Its a little late for apologies though Ash, you were my best friend I at least thought you would understand.' I said trying to keep my heart from exploding in my chest at the sight of him being so close.

' I do understand now that I pushed you away because I was afraid of falling in love with you. I already liked you a lot but I kept trying to get rid of the feeling rather than embrace it.' Ashton said cupping my face with his hands.

' Ash..I..uh ' I started.
    ' I embrace these feelings and now all I wanna do is embrace you.' Ashton spoke softly to me before crashing his lips to mine.

He fought for entrance by biting and sucking on my bottom lip. I soon gave in to him. I couldn't resist his touch when he was such an addictively hot man, that my body responded willingly to his caress.

He picked me up in his muscular arms, whilst gripping my ass in his hands. He then set me down on top of him so that I was straddling him on the couch.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Our hips grinded together and I felt his huge bulge press against my own.

Ashton hastily took his shirt off and threw it on the floor and then proceeded to undress me as well.

He lifted my shirt up whilst leaving soft kisses and love bites on my chest. He then threw it on the floor next to his and started to unbuckle my pants.

I climbed off of him so that I could take them off and to take his off too. I knelt down in front of him as I slid his boxers off. His hard cock sprang out and stood straight just waiting to be sucked.

I gasped at the sight of his huge cock. It was at least 11 inches. I suddenly felt a little nervous about his huge cock tearing into my asshole. I didn't know if I could handle all of him.

' I'll take it easy on you, babe.' Ashton smirked as if he read my thoughts.

I gulped and took a deep breath before licking the tip of his cock. I sucked the tip while I jerked the rest of it. I then wrapped my mouth around his cock taking in as much of him as I could without gagging.

I sucked and jerked his cock as fast as I could. Ashton then gripped my head and started to fuck my mouth hard and fast.

I held my breath trying not to puke while he went balls deep in my mouth.
' Fuucckk..Caleb..uhhh..I'm cumming.' Ashton screamed while taking his cock and jerking it till he came all over my face.

I held my mouth open and he shot some of his load in it. Most of it was all over my face. I wiped it off with my hand and licked it off my fingers.
Ashton groaned at the sight and pulled me off the floor. He got up off the couch and positioned me  to kneel on it.

' There's condoms in the drawer in my bedroom.' I told him.
   ' We don't need it, babe. I wanna feel your tight ass hole grip my dick as I cum inside it.' Ashton said while aligning his huge cock to my asshole.

He spat a little on his finger and stuck it in me. He fucked me with his finger, preparing me for him.

He took his finger out and slowly slid his cock in. He only had the tip in and it already felt like too much.

' Ash..ahh..fuck. Its too much.' I screamed as I felt the rest of him enter.
' Uhhh...just breathe babe.. you feel so fucking good I can't stop I need to move.'
' No Ash I can't do this your too big.' I said trying to pull away from him.

He grabbed my waist and slammed the rest of his cock deep inside my ass. I screamed trying to loosen his hold on me.
' You're not going anywhere till I finish in your asshole' Ashton said, ' Your ass feels so fucking good, Caleb...uhhh..I need to fuck your ass.

He held both of my wrists in one hand and the other gripped my waist tightly. He slammed into me again and again slowly but really hard. He then quickened his pace and began fucking my ass.

He let go of my wrists and held my waist with both hands tightly. I felt like I could've cried at the intensity of the pain but it soon died down and was replaced by the feeling of pleasure. I subconsciously started stroking my own cock as he fucked me hard and fast.

Ashton was a fucking beast. He kept fucking my ass roughly and slapped my ass so hard I knew that it would be swollen by the time he was through with me.

Ashton moaned curses as he kept slamming into me with his huge cock.

His pace slowed down a little as he wiped the sweat out of his eyes.
' Uhhhhh...fuuucckkk..Caleb..I'm.. cumming..uhhhh.' Ashton screamed as he quickened his pace again. I felt his warm cum shoot deep inside my ass that it triggered my own orgasm and I came with him.

He slowly slid out of me with his cock now semi hard.

Ashton laid back on the couch panting heavily. He then reached his arm out and pulled me closer.

' So... how did you know where I lived?' I sat up to face him directly.

' I didn't before seeing you leaving your apartment, just as I was now moving into mine down the hall.' Ashton said and then pulled me in for a very passionate kiss.

He then breaks our kiss briefly.    'And I have a feeling that we're going to be really friendly neighbors'

Hey freaky people, I hope you guys enjoyed this one shot bxb story. Its my first time writing so don't be mad if it ain't all that good. Vote, comment and share, lots of love, stay freaky😝😝

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