Our Little Big Boy

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Harry- 18
Louis- 23
Niall- 19
Liam- 20
*quick note- for most of the ages in this book I just do random ages because I'm too lazy to actually do the math.

Requested by: @janja812 hope you enjoy!

"Harry! Get back here!" Liam yelled, chasing a naked Harry down the corridor with a towel in his hands. He had just gotten the younger boy out of the tub, but Harry was too fast and escaped.

Though Harry was eighteen, he tended to sometimes act more like a five-year-old due to birth complications; resulting in slower brain development and understanding. The other three men loved the boy to death, even if it was hard sometimes with touring and the fans.

"Li-Li!" A dripping wet Harry squealed when he was scooped up by the muscular man, and he kissed Harry all over the face.
"Little monster running away from me," Liam chuckled, carrying the boy back to the bathroom.

"Rawr!" Harry growled, curling his fingers down to look like claws and snarled, but no one could miss the smile hiding behind his 'vicious'-looking face.

"Oh no! A curly-haired monster; the scariest of them all. The only thing that keeps them calm is lotion! Oh, look, I have some here!" Liam acted out with a shocked face, before quickly squirting lotion into his hands and rubbing it onto Harry's skin.
"It's me, Li! I was the monster!" Harry exclaimed, wrapping his arms around the man's neck as he helped the boy into his jammies.
"It was you?! Oh, thank goodness. I was really scared there for a second," Liam said in an exasperated voice, clasping a hand over his chest.

Liam then proceeded in making sure Harry had his hair and teeth brushed and that he went potty before bringing Harry to his room, where the other two were waiting. A story book was laying on his nightstand as well as a cup of warm milk, which still sent the boy into dreamland within minutes.

"Hi, Haz. Oh, you smell lovely!" Niall exclaimed, standing up and taking Harry from Liam and cuddling the boy close to his chest before settling him into bed.

"I'm not sleepyyyy!" The boy whined, but the mere fact that he was whining and rubbing his eyes made the three think otherwise.

"Well, we have a fun day planned tomorrow so we don't want any sleepy boys, right?" Louis explained, and that seemed to settle well with Harry, as the boy snuggled into bed with his stuffed moose named Milo and sip on his milk.

The three older boys took turns reading the Winnie the Pooh book. Only about halfway through, Niall looked up and saw that Harry had fallen asleep. He notified the others, and they all checked on the boy one more time and made sure his nightlight was on before they all kissed him and left to go downstairs.


Louis groaned, burying his face in his pillow. It was way to early to be awake, he thought.
"Lou-Lou" He heard the voice again, and not seconds later, felt a finger poke his cheeks a few times.

The oldest member of the group slowly turned his head so his face was squished against the pillow and slowly opened his eyes to see big green ones literally right in front of his face.
"Harry?" Louis asked in a groggy voice. After Harry had gone to bed, the other three stayed up way later than they thought watching their favourite movies and drinking, perhaps even a bit too much, hence his dazed state.

"Get uup, Lou, m'hungry. Then we gotta go to the park!" The young boy explained, jumping a bit on the balls of his feet.
"Okay, okay. M'up," Louis dragged out, slowly rising out of bed. When he looked at his alarm clock, he realised it was much later than he thought, 8:30! And while that was still somewhat early, the boys often woke up closer to 7:30 because of a certain curly-haired boy.

Once Louis finally got out of bed, he helped Harry go to the bathroom before they headed downstairs for a simple breakfast. Louis figured the other two mates would be too groggy as well to cook up anything special. Luckily, Harry didn't seem to mind, which they were glad about, because with a boy still acting around five, tantrums still could occur.

After breakfast, they gang got ready to go to the park. Niall packed Harry's bag of things while Liam and Louis worked together to get the boy dressed.
"No, not this shirt! This shirt is itchyyyy," the boy whined, fighting against the sleeve Liam was trying to slide up his arm.
"Haz, you love this shirt, you wear all the time without any problems. Please just cooperate," Liam asked patiently, knowing the boy was just being picky.

With some more coaxing, much more coxing than Louis thought necessary, they finally got the boy into the shirt and dressed fully. The only thing left was the 'Dreaded Sun Hat' Harry hated with a passion.

When they were just about to leave, Niall tried to put it on his head, and disaster struck.
"Noooo! Nononono, no hat!" The youngest lad yelled, hitting Niall's arms away.
"Harry Edward we do not hit! You know that's not allowed. Do that again and we're not going to the park," Niall's biggest pet peeve with Harry was when the boy hit, which luckily wasn't a common occurrence. When he did though, Niall flipped out. He didn't tolerate it at all.

"NOOO! Park but no hat!" Harry flailed, trying to tug the hat off Niall currently was holding firmly in place.

"Fine, you don't have to wear it in the car. But if you put up a fight about it when we get there we will turn right back around and you'll get a time-out," Louis told him with a stern voice. Harry nodded and apologised, but no one could miss the pout on his lips.

When the gang arrived at the park, Harry didn't make a fuss about the hat, which they were very grateful for. The mates all played together for a bit, then the three caretakers decided to take a break for a little bit and watched Harry run around with a huge dimpled smile on his face.

"Ooh, swings!" The boy exclaimed, rushing over to them, enjoying himself greatly.

Unfortunately, some fans were in the field right next to the structures. They saw the boy, and immediately got excited.
"Oh my gosh it's Harry Styles!" One fan squealed, catching the attention of the others. Before Harry could even react as to what was going on, a crowd of mostly girls were all around him, grabbing him and screaming in his ears. The fans knew about Harry's condition, but these were newer fans who weren't as familiar with it as older ones, who were a bit gentle towards Harry. No one took notice of the frightened look on the boy's face, until he gave out a rather loud sob.

Hearing Harry in trouble, all three boys's attention went in Harry's direction, where they saw the crowd. How did they not notice before!?

Immediately, they raced over to rescue him. Somehow, and they don't really know how, they managed to get Harry out of the mess and into Louis's arms, as well as get the fans to go away.
"Shhh, it's okay, sweetheart. It's okay, we're here now." Louis cooed, bouncing the boy. The others helped by gently rubbing his back and running their hands through this hair as they cooed to him. Slowly, Harry calmed down.
"Are you okay now, baby?" Niall asked sweetly. Harry nodded.
"Tag?" He asked, and they all chuckled.

"I'm gonna getcha!" Liam growled as he chased after the giggling boy.
"I don't think so!" Niall laughed, scooping the boy up bridle-style and blowing raspberries on his stomach.
"S-stop!" Harry laughed.

Niall, Liam and Louis all smiled at the boy. Fans could be frustrating at times, but they could never permanently wipe the smile off Harry's face.

Author's Notes-

Hiii! Long time no update! A lot things have been happening in my life lately. Not bad things, but a lot, hence why it's been taking me so long to update.

How are you all doing?

In other news, I've been thinking up a plot for a sequel to My Little Kiwi, and hopefully by this time next year I can start writing it!

I appreciate ya and thanks for your patience!
P.S- Na na na na na na na, na na na na, hey Jude! (Hey Jude has been my JAM lately!)

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