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"I am disappointed in your ladies." Principal Brynes eyed Brooke and I suspiciously. I thought about being bitter towards him but, pain in my stomach made me not want speak. "I know that you both are remarkable students."

Brooke scoffed. "Kimora is anything but, that."

I rolled my eyes. "Neither is she."

She turned fully towards me, holding an ice pack over her swollen right eye. Her lip was busted and her cheek was awfully bruised. "Keep talking and I'll cave your face in."

I laughed sarcastically. "You probably can't even see." I gave her the middle finger. "Can you see how many fingers I'm holding up?"

She shot up and I did too. Principal Brynes quickly got in between us. "Ladies. Sit down."

We did as we were told and he sat on his desk, crossing his arms. "You both know that violence doesn't solve problems."

"Made her stop talking," I mumbled, earning a glare from Brooke but, Principal Brynes didn't hear me and continued. "Ladies shouldn't be fighting. You should be uplifting one another."

Brooke rolled her eyes. "She isn't a lady. She's a slut who can't keep her legs closed."

"I've had it." I reached over to grab her by her perfect curls but, Principal Brynes intervened once again.

"Enough!" His voice boomed, bouncing off the walls of his office. "I was going to let you both off the hook but, I doubt that I'm sure you two are bound to fighting again." He crossed his arms. "You two are suspended for the rest of seven days. Don't come back to school until next Thursday. You're dismissed."

"How am I going to keep up my assignments?" Brooke whined and for once, I agreed with her.

Principal Brynes shrugged. "Guess you're going to have to make it up when you get back. You shouldn't be fighting in the first place."

I sighed, rubbing my temples in frustration. I definitely know my parents are going to kill me once they find out about this.


"Tu te battais à l'école aujourd'hui?!" I awkwardly shut the front door, seeing my parents standing in front of me. I knew the school would call home about the fight at school today but, not so soon. My Mom looked furious while my Dad, on the other hand, stood there waiting for my mother to finish her scolding.

"She spat in my face, Mom. Wouldn't you punch her in the face too?" I said, turning the tables. 

My Mom breathed, running her hands through her curly black hair. "Ne tourne pas tout ça, Kimora." She walked up to me, grabbing my chin and observing the scratches Brooke gave me.

"My poor baby..." She finally said in English but, her French accent laced in her words. It was rare times where she'd speak English. I know she knew it but, she rather settle for the language she grew up hearing.

I waved my hand. "I'm fine, mama."

"Ta main!" She grabbed my hand, looking at my bruised knuckle. She seemed heartbroken seeing her daughter fighting. "Goodness, where did I go wrong?"

"She got the worst of it." I shrugged.

She blinked at me and I gave her a shy smile.

"You're grounded. You do you and Matthew's chores for the next three days." She quickly grabbed her purse heading out the door before I could beg for her to change her mind. I could tell she had nothing else to come up. I did my homework, I spent the majority of my time home with them, and I hardly watched TV. But, thinking about doing Matthew's chores were just plain torture.

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