Chapter 40

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The ambiance and main course are nice. Desserts really need to improve. The taste and texture of desserts quickly put off the budding happiness from the main course and starters.

Daiyan opened his closed fist in order to calm down his anger, annoyance, and irritation. From half an hour, he was just staring at that invisible dot on the wall as the words of those critics dig a hole in his brain.

He really didn't know what was going in his mind. He was stuck, his life was stuck. He was on the crossroads where on either side, there were things he loved the most; his dream and his little girl. It was a bitter truth, his restaurant got low scores because of Safiya's desserts.

Daiyan was just pushing off that thought that was blaming Safiya for the consequences he had to face. He knew why that happened with her, because of her disease. Her mind was not working properly due to not getting sufficient sleep, that thing he had read about while researching about her Porphyria.

He was anticipating Safiya's arrival from the time he entered his cabin because that little girl was a bugger and wouldn't let him go with his sour mood. But after all of this, he wouldn't tell Safiya about this. She would be devastated because cooking was a feather in her cap and knowing that she was failing in the thing she loved the most would ruin her. Daiyan would just make some excuses but wouldn't tell her the truth.

On the cue, a knock sounded on the door only to reveal Muaz with a stressed face. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Yes. Just a little difficult to take it. "

Muaz nodded in understanding taking a seat on the chair in front of him. "It's a part of the journey, man. Take lessons from it and move on. "

"Easier said than done. "

Daiyan replied in a low voice, his fingers drumming over his desk. He should just go and meet Safiya. Her silly talks and banter would keep away his mind from the incident that had occurred today. He wasn't sure now, how would be his reaction to see her, whether of anger or of calmness. But it would be better than Muaz's senseless talks.

"Where are you going? "Muaz asked looking at him getting up.

"To meet Safiya. "

"Don't be hard on her. She is already not feeling well, she went home that's why. Didn't she tell you?" Muaz would always misunderstand him. He wasn't going to scold her, maybe he was going to soothe himself with her weird talks. Daiyan took a step forward keeping his hands on the desk, putting all his weight on them as those words created a turmoil in his gut. Was she okay? Why she left without telling him anything?

"No. What happened to her?" Daiyan asked impatiently getting away from his desk and moving towards the exit.

"I don't know. We were discussing the results and then she-" Muaz halted his speech looking worriedly at his friend as Daiyan halted in his tracks turning around to face him.

"You told her about the results?"

"I and Kirtika were talking and Safiya heard us."

"Damn Muaz. That's a blunder. "

Daiyan yelled running towards the door and leaving his cabin and his restaurant. He quickly pressed down Safiya's number only to be gone in voicemail. That's why she left because she got a blow to her self respect. His life was becoming more irritating with every day. How he wanted to hide everything from her and his destiny, it already presented the reality in a silver platter in front of Safiya.

Getting inside his car, Daiyan called his mother. Maybe she could help him with this. If Safiya had reached home, Mum could console her and he would be a little satisfied.

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