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A/N: first request, hopefully I did well. Reader is a bit of a broken teen, with anxiety and depression, but honestly who isn't? I know I am. Anyway, hope you enjoy fluffles.

Gaaras P.O.V

Gaara looked around the halls looking for (y/n), she had been distance the last few weeks or so and it was pissing him off greatly. He could tell she was losing sleep, and extremely stressed out, as well as looking a lot more anxious, but every time he tried to confront her about it, she somehow duck him and he'd be back where he started. You'd think she'd be able to confined in her best friend about what was stressing her out so much, but at the same time he understood, why she didn't say anything. He knows (y/n) has a difficult time sharing her feelings, he's just the same. He knows that she's just as broken as him, and they've both harden themselves to keep from getting hurt by others. But that doesn't mean it doesn't piss him off anymore than it did, both he and (y/n) confined in each other because they trust each other more than anyone else, so why is it so different now?. It's lunch time and she usually meets him at their usually table, but for he last few days she's been ducking him completely. Sending those annoying one word messages through her texts, and declining on having phone calls, as well as not going for the evening walks to two have one a week.
'What's going on with her?' He thought, taking out his phone and quickly sending out a text. Growling lowly to himself when she doesn't answer back right away, making those around him back away quickly.

'Whr r u?' -G

'At lunch' -(y/n)

'In school rite?' -G

'Yes' -(y/n)

'Meet me on the roof' -G

'Why?' -(y/n)

'Just do it' -G

'...' -(y/n)

'Now' -G

'...fine' -(y/n)

Gaara sighed when he received her response, turning he took off towards the staircase that would take him to the roof, and wait till (y/n) came. 'I'm going to get you to talk to me one way or another (y/n)' Gaara thought clenching his fists, as he walked. 'What if she's done being friends with me?' Stopping his eyes widened at the realization, what if she was?

(Y/N)s P.O.V

(Y/N) rubbed at her eyes tiredly when she saw the texts, shifting in her seat uncomfortably whilst chewing on the easer end of her pencil, debating if she should actually meet Gaara or just continue what she was doing now. Looking over all the extra work she has been putting in for her classes she frowned deeply, all this stress, overthinking, and anxiety just to make sure her grades don't drop didn't seem worth it anymore, especially since she was most likely worrying her friend. But her father wasn't the kind of man to left her off and live her life so easily, so if her grades were slipping she would have to work twice as hard to get them back to where they were. Even if that means throwing his daughter back into a pit of depression. She would've told Gaara about it long ago, but she didn't Gaara to get involved, (Y/N) knows him too well to know that he would challenge anyone, regardless of age, gender, or what clan. Which usually ended badly.
Uchiha knows that well, as well as that older boy that was part of the known gang Akatsuki.
Leaning back she closed her eyes, sighing to herself, (y/n) really needed a break. Opening her eyes she looked over all her work once more before deciding to go meet him. He wouldn't keep letting it pass that she was avoiding him, and he would eventually come looking for her demanding answers.
After making sure all her papers were in order (y/n) placed them in her bag and began her walk. Flinching lightly when she heard her phone 'ding' after getting a text. Pulling it out (y/n) cringed when she saw he was getting impatient.
'I'm coming now'
Picking up her pace, (y/n) started rushing to meet the temperamental redhead. When he was angry one was safe from his rage, not even (y/n) it wouldn't be the first time he hurt her. Frowning she slowed her walk, when she saw he light coming from the roof door. She wouldn't doubt that he would hurt her, sometimes she wonders why she's even friends with him...then again why is he even friends with her? This isn't the first time she's done this, isolate herself from everyone stressing herself out with anxiety and overthinking. Making those close to her mad that she was pushing them away to the point that they would just give up. Except Gaara that is, no matter how much she pushed him away Gaara wouldn't budge.
That was their whole friendship, she would always stay no matter what physical pain he put her in, just as he would stay no matter what emotional pain she put him in. And believe it or not, they were both okay with that.
'Just a couple of broken teens, aren't we Gaara?' (y/n) questioned herself, when she finally opened the door.

First person P.O.V

"Gaara?" You called out, blinking at the harsh light that hit you in the face. Squinting your eyes, you looked around while placing your bag by the door. Before you decided to actually walk to where he could be, "Gaara, I'm here" you called out again. Not seeing any sort of sign that he was up here with you. "Gaar-ah!" You gasped out in both pain and surprise when you felt a hand on your neck slam you back into a wall, making you hit your back. Clenching your eyes in pain, you knew who it was, by the low growl that was emitted from the person holding you. "A warning would've been nice" you whimpered out.

"Why have you been avoiding me?" He asked, keeping his grip on your neck tight to prevent you from moving.

"Why is it such a big deal?" You gasped out, grabbing at the hand on your neck.

"I don't like it, when you avoid me" He narrowed his eyes. "What are you done being friends with a monster?" His voice wavered slightly, but was barely noticeably with him growling at you. But you noticed it none the less, making your heart sink.

"No that's not it at all" You answered softly, no longer gripping at his hand but just gently holding it.

"Then why?" His voice softening, anger slowly disappearing, while he let go of your neck and grabbed at you hand. Both of you keeping linking your hands together.

"My grades have been slipping" you whispered out.


"My father doesn't like it, he said I'm to keep my grades at the top so I can get into the school he wanted me to get into. So for the past few weeks I've been doing extra credit work" you explained leaning back against the wall, ignoring the slight ache.

"Your fathers the reason you've been like this that past few weeks?" He anger
Coming back tenfolds. "I'll take care of it" he said moving to get up.

"No!" You cried out pulling him forward into a hug so that he couldn't get back up, ignoring the fact that he froze as soon as you made the contact. "Please don't, if you do something he most likely will move me to a private school. Then I won't..."

"You won't what?" He asked softly slowly returning the hug.

"I won't be able to see you ever again" your voice cracking. "I'm sorry I didn't say anything I wanted to but, I didn't want you to do anything like that either" tears slowly falling onto Gaaras shoulder, finally letting everything you've been feeling out to your best friend.

"If you didn't want to do anything like that, fine but I want to help you when you need it" he said "I thought you were done with me"

"No, never. Gaara" you both pulled back and stared at each other. "I'm sorry".
Without saying anything he just leaned forward and kissed you, closing his eyes as he felt your lips against his. It didn't exactly take you long to do the same, and meet him in the middle. But in your opinion Gaara pulled away too soon, placing his hand on your cheek. "Talk to me"

Well that's it, more requests? I probably won't see them right away, but I promise I will do them if you ask for them. Good? Good.
Bye Fluffles~

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