Baldi x Principal of the thing

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Ok, here is the oneshot that BetaRam requested. 

Baldi's POV

I sat at my desk, looking over the tests I gave my students. I noticed that most of my students that took the test missed many questions. I reached to grab my coffee since I didn't sleep at all but then soon found out that it was missing. Confused of where it went, I shrugged it off and went back to grading. Once I got to the 3rd paper to grade, I heard the door creak open.

Principal's POV

I noticed how empty Baldi's coffee mug was so I decided to go get him some more coffee since I knew he needed the coffee. I was worried about him, he never gets sleep anymore and he's been getting a bit more aggressive. I came back to his classroom with his coffee, forgetting that the doors creaked. Damn, we need to get those a bit fixed so the creaking would stop. I walked up to his desk and placed the cup down where it originally was. "Hey, I got you some more coffee, you looked like you needed it." Baldi nodded and muttered a small 'thank you' before going back to grading. I turned away and started to walk out of the room until Baldi stopped me. "I need advice for dating," Hearing that made me a bit jealous and joyful. "Well, first off: who's the lucky girl? (I wouldn't say lucky)" The slightly shorter green wearing male sighed and looked at the floor. "It's not a girl, it's a guy," I was speechless. I never knew he was gay, all this time I thought he was just straight but nope. "And that guy" I smiled softly and walked over to him. I kissed his cheek and said, "I like you too."

They kissed, dated for 4 years and got married

The End

I am so sorry if this is terrible, I was running on low energy since I didn't sleep last night but I did it. I am proud of myself, for once I made a decent oneshot. Anyway, I am still taking requests.

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