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*** Renier's POV***
Ronan had done his best to snuggle against my side, despite my restraints and the discomfort of the slab of rock I was bound to. He snored silently as his nudity was wrapped against mine. I slept for a little while after our adventure, but had a hard time remaining asleep. Hence, the reason I was awake now, listening to the sound of Ronan's snores and the rise and fall of his breathing. I've never slept or laid with someone in this manner. Granted, I was a virgin until I came into Grace's "care." Ronan shuffled and nestled his head into my chest, before looking up at me. "Good morning, sleeping beauty," I said.

The male stretched his limbs all while staying next to me. "Good morning, smug ass," he replied with a cocky grin stretched across his face. Ronan snuggled further into my side and rested his eyes, his fingertips tracing circles across my chest.

"You appear to be in a good mood," I examined.

Ronan peered up to me, a light twinkling in his brown eyes. "I am."


"Because..." he hesitated. "Well, it's just that I haven't been this close with someone. I'm not talking about physically intimate, but emotionally intimate. That is what I felt with you."


Ronan laughed and gave my chest a light slap. "Is that all you have to say, Renier?"

I shrugged, but his eyes kept piercing me, waiting for my response. "I don't know what to say to that. Honestly this is a whole new ball field for me. I did feel... close.... to you. And I agree that it isn't just physical."

"I will accept that answer," was Ronan's response.

I rolled my eyes. "Well good, because that is the only answer you'll get."

Ronan gave me a quick jab in the ribs, but swooped up in recovery and planted a light kiss on my lips. In between short laughs and giggles, he would lean back into my face and plant his lips on mine.

We were in the middle of one of our shared moments, our lips dancing their own dance, whenever three forms burst into the chamber I was being held. As the aggressive stomps grew closer Ronan scrambled away from me and attempted to cover his nudity. Fear pulsed from his entire being as he tried to get as much distance between us as possible. I glanced towards the intruders and caught Grace's angry glare as her eyes darted between Ronan's quivering and my bound form. "How did I know I would find you here, Ronan," Grace sneered.

"I can explain, ma'am," Ronan stuttered. Grace stepped towards him and he tried to create a distance between him and his masters approaching form.

"There is nothing to explain. You wasted his seed," Grace said, as she shot a look towards me. "And, not only that but you took it all and let it enter yourself. I thought you had better self control than that, my dear, Ronan," she tsked.

"Yes ma'am, I do. It was all a misunderstanding. A lapse in my own judgement. It won't happen again."

Grace smirked, "You're damn right it won't happen again. Because you will never see him again." She peered towards the remaining two figures standing behind her, awaiting her command. One is an African American male, with a lean build, and wild eyes. The other is a female petite blonde, with driven blue eyes. She appeared eager to fulfill her master's wish. "Take him away," Grace instructed.

In an instant, the two were on Ronan, grasping his arms and pulling him from the chamber, his flailing form desperately fighting against their removal attempts. He was pleading for Graciela to reconsider her decision, the primal fear in his voice, chilling me to my core. His desperation rubbing off on me, I began to beg the succubus to not hurt Ronan, to forgive him of his penalties against her. I even attempted bargaining with her and accusing myself of the crime, claiming I should be punished- since I seduced him. But she would not listen, and the male I had shared the intimate moments with was dragged from the chamber to some unknown but scary location.

I was whimpering as Grace paced the length of the cave-like room I inhabited. Ronan would not be in such trouble if it were not for me.

Grace picked up on my strained sounds, her face relaxed, and she slowly glided towards me. "Poor, lovestruck puppy," she said as she traced her sharpened fingernail across the plane of my naked chest. "Without being able to trust Ronan to help retrieve your seed, I do not know if you are worth keeping around." Her eyes were full of anger and hatred. Her fingernail stopped over my heart and tapped it. The fear inducing action caused me to flinch, and her realization of my fear brought a smile to her face. "But don't worry, dear. I am not done with you, yet."

She brought up her hand and brought it down in a swift motion, her fingernails slashing across the bare skin of my chest.

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