I'm Sorry

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Sydney's POV:

After a week of staying in Hawaii we were finally back in Australia, the week had been amazing for me, we went swimming every day and Michael had been the most sweetest always making dinner and cuddling with me while watching movies, he really is amazing.

We were getting out of the car and
walking towards the front door, I noticed two cars parked outside the house and tugged on Michael's sleeve
making him look at me, he saw my

onfused expressions and figured out

what I wanted to ask so before I could
speak he spoke up
"The boys are here"
He said and opened the front door,
we were welcomed by screaming and
swears coming from the living room,
Michael rolled his eyes and threw the
keys in the bowl, holding each others
hands, we walked into the living room
to find Luke and Calum playing Fifa,
as soon as he saw they were playing
Michael snatched the controller away
from Luke, who was clearly losing
Luke whined as soon as Calum's player kicked the ball in the goal
Michael mumbled and sat in between
Calum and Luke causing Luke to fall offthe couch making me giggle, that's whathe deserves for bringing me back here!

Luke stood up and glared at me and
made a weird face, I rolled my eyes and flipped him off, looking away I noticed Ashton sitting on the single sofa, his legs up and phone in hand as he sipped coke through the can, not taking his eyes off of the screen
"What's your problem?"
Luke's voice sounded behind me
causing me to jump and then to face
'You're my problem"
I said as I walked to the kitchen with
him following
"What did I do?"
He asked and jumped on the counter as I opened the fridge
"You know exactly what you did"
I spat as I closed the door and opened
up the water bottle pouring water into a glass
"Would you mind refreshing my memory?"
He rose an eyebrow, I looked at him and put the glass on the counter and
walked closer to him.
"You're really an asshole, aren't you?
Well let me remind you, first to gave me false hope, second you took me back to this prison and third you left me here alone with him! Do you know what he did to me?! He fucking whipped me! He beat me unconscious Luke! If it weren't for you, I would've been in my bed with my mum feeding me cereal But no! Im here! Because of you!"
I screamed at him trying my hardest to keep my voice low, by now I had tears in my eyes as I stood right in front of him, he gave me a weird look before speaking
"So that's why you hate me?"
He asked with an eyebrow raised, as I
let out a frustrated sigh
"No I just hate every blond haired, blue eyed, Australian, tall boys!"
I exclaimed slamming my hand into the counter beside him making him jump

Whoa, why are we screaming and

defining Luke?"

turned around to see Ashton standing behind us, chugging down my water
"She hates me"
Luke said in a low voice
Ashton asked handing me the empty
glass and sitting next to Luke on the
"Well, it's not just me, she just hates
every blond haired, blue eyed, Australian, tall boy"
Luke said to him, I took in a deep breath
"Wow you really are a dumb blond"

I stated putting the glass in the sink
"Hey you're also blond!"
Luke exclaimed making me smile a
little but I covered it up
"No but really why do you hate him?"
Ashton asked me
"For bringing me back here"
I answered shortly not wanting to repeat all that I said to Luke before
"Well it's not his fault, little Sydney, Michael got home and saw you weren't home, he called all of us and Luke was the only one on the road and he was headed to the house and saw you so he brought you back, he really didn't have a choice, he's the youngest and well. Michael kinda intimidates him"
He whispered the last part to me so
but he made it loud enough for Luke to hear which caused him to hit Ashton on the back of his
"Don't say that in front of a girl"
He scolded
"What!? She's taken, you don't have to
impress her"
Ashton said.
"But still..."

uke said making me giggle, both their heads snapped to my direction, as if they forgot I was there, causing

me to close my mouth

So do you forgive little Lukey?"
Ashton said in a baby voice, messing up Luke's hair, making Luke slap Ashton's hand and fixing his hair
"God ash! Do you have any idea how
long it takes to make my hair look like
this!? Two hours man! Two hours!"
He yelled
"Oh shut up, Hemmings''
Ashton said smiling, Luke let out a VERY fake laugh and said
"Fuck you"
"Don't fucking swear!"
Ashton exclaimed
"But you just swore"
I said kinda confused and I also thought they forgot I was there, again.
"Oh yea so Sydney"
Ashton said and I took in a deep breath
"I'm sorry for being mean to you"
I said to Luke, it was more like a
mumble but meh
"It's okay"
He smiled and I looked at Ashton
"Tell him to apologize too!"
I pouted and crossed my arms
"For what!"
Luke yelled
"I don't know! Apologize for something! I did it!"
I screamed back.
"I have nothing to apologize for!"
"Just do it! Apologize for making me
"What?! No! I didn't ask you to yell!"
"you were the re-"
a voice cut me off, both our heads
snapped to Ashton who hopped off
the counter and walked towards me
causing me to move away and stand
next to Luke facing Ashton
"What are you both? 5?! Sydney say
sorry to him!"
Ashton ordered looking angry, I turned to Luke
"I'm sorry Luke"
I said looking down
"Now Luke apologize to Sydney"
He said in a calmer tone
"I'm sorry Sydney"
He said looking at me
"Now hug"
Ashton ordered
"What!? No!"
Luke and I said together making both of us glare at each other
He yelled making me jump, Luke
jumped off the counter and stood in
front of me, slowly I wrapped my arms around his waist and his wrapped around my shoulders and we hugged, he was pretty warm and cuddly making me hug him tighter, a camera flesh went off making us pull away
"Awee you guys are so cute"
Ashton cooed
"Why were you guys hugging?
All three of our heads snapped to the
entrance of the kitchen to see Calum
and Mike standing there, Michael's
eyebrows were raised, I went to speak
up Ashton beat me to it
"They were fighting like babies so I
sorted stuff out between them'
He clarified and smiled proudly
"Why were you guys fighting?"
Calum asked walking to the fridge as
Michael walked to me
"She said she hated me so i-"
Michael cut Luke off
"Awe one more thing we have in
common, babe"
He held up his fist and I slowly fist
bumped him, everyone chuckled. An arm went around my shoulder, I
looked up to see it was Calum

"Movie night?"
He suggested and everyone nodded

n agreement and walked to the living
"What are we watching?
I asked as I sat on the couch
"You choose"
Michael said as he pointed to a shelf full of movies
"No! I always choose the movie"
Luke pouted and I smirked
"Well boohoo for you"
I said as I walked to the collection
"That's my girl"
I heard Michael say
"She's being rude ash"
I hear Luke
"Why do you think Mike chose her?"
Ashton replied as I chuckled and grabbed a few movies
"Okay I got anchor man, mean girls,
mean girls 2, the conjuring, lights out,
rush hour 1, 2 and 3"

I told them
"Why do you guys have mean girls on
I added
"Luke loves mean girls'
Calum told me
Luke whined and I giggled sitting next
to Michael after putting in mean girls Michael kissed my cheek and I cuddled into him.

I guess I fell asleep during the conjuring, cause the last thing I remember was Ashton's scream and Michael's arms tightening around my waist.

Honestly my favorite chapter in this entire shitty book

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