I Love You Too

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(I know I changed his hair color but the picture above is this outfit) 

Sydney's POV:

We walked back to the house, our fingers intertwined while Michael told me how good Luke's mother's cooking is (queen Liz)

I closed the front door behind me
"I'm gonna go shower"
I told him

"Be quick"
He said and I nodded and walked up
to the bedroom with him following, I was gonna go to the bathroom but he
grabbed my hand pulling me back, our faces inches apart
I asked and he chuckled deeply and
handed me a Metallica shirt and let go
of my hand, with a nod to no one in
particular I walked into the bathroom
and locked the door, my back pressed against the door and I sighed reviewing all that happened that day, well not a lot but the highlight was me kissing Michael, I bit my lip as I smiled and striped out of my bikini and hopped into the shower letting the warm water relax my muscles.

After a quick shower I changed into

my undergarments and the shirt he gave me, after brushing my wet hair I walked downstairs to see Michael sitting in the living room dressed in his usual black jeans and a black and grey shirt without sleeves, his hair messy as usual, sticking out every where,
God he's so hot,

thought to myself as I made my way towards him

"Aren't you gonna shower?"
I asked him, standing in front of him
"I already did"
He said while smiling and took my
hand in his, he saw the confusion on my face and spoke up again.
"There's a bathroom down the hall"
He said pulling me into his lap
"Then why'd you tell me to hurry up?"
I asked, he turned me over so I was
straddling his lap
"So I could do this
He said and stood up making me wrap
my arms around his neck and tighten my legs around his waist, he smirked

while he backed me up into a wall and
put me down, my arms unwrapped
Themselves around his neck and came down to my sides as he bit his lip making me look everywhere but him

Wha-what are you doing?"
I asked as his right hand rested on my
hips and the other went beside my head keeping me in place, his head dipped down and his lips gazed the skin on my neck, my hands went to his chest to push him back but he didn't budge
"Mic-michael stop"
I said and tried pushing him back again.
"Stop what princess? I haven't even
done anything yet"
He smirked looking up at me
"Just stop"
He smirked, looking down at me
"Just stop"

I said again

Oh baby girl, where's the fun in that?"

He winked at me and pressed himself
more on me to close any gap between us
"Stop with the nicknames"
I told him in a stern voice and he chuckled
"Why? Does it turn you on, kitten?"
He said once again, smirking and
I thought to myself where did the Michael from just an hour ago, go? But he was kinda right, it did turn me on
I said in a warning tone
"Oh princess, I know all the effects I
have on you, I know exactly what it
takes for you to surrender to me, and
trust me i have to power to make you
drop to your knees in front of me"
He murmured and starting nibbling on my earlobe causing me to moan quietly
"You-you can't ma-ke me do anything

gainst me will"
I stuttered out and he chuckled leaving a small kiss on my neck
"Oh baby girl, who said anything about doing anything against your will"

He said and bit down on my neck

aking me whimper
"Oh screw it"
I mumbled as I took his hands guiding them to the back of my thighs, I felt him. smirk against my neck as he pushed up a little and I jumped, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck His lips connected mine and my fingers tangled into his hair, this kiss was nothing compared to the one before,
it was rough and hungry, making me
want more. His hands squeezed my bum and I gasped as it was sudden and I wasn't expecting it, he took that as an opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth. A small moan left my mouth. as soon as our tongues met, I tugged at the roots of his hair and he moaned into my mouth which for some odd reason made me giggle lightly but I still kissed him back, I felt him smile against my lips and shake his head lightly, he pressed himself more on me so now his crouch was pressed against mine and I could feel his hard on perfectly making me moan, he pulled away and looked at
me for a second before pressing his lips against my cheek, my eyes closed and my fingers tugged at his hair harder as he made his way down to my jawline and sucked his way down to my neck, leaving small, open mouth kisses all over my neck making me thrust my hips forward and arching my back, he moaned and his fingers slipped inside my shirt as he kissed behind my ear making me moan his name loudly, I felt him smirk as he worked on that area, sucking and nibbling making me a moaning mess, soon he pulled away
and licked that area and then blew air
on it making a shiver run down my spine
He mumbled and looked up at me making me bite my lip
"Don't do that, princess"
He ordered

"Do what?"
And again I bit my lip trying to think
about what did
His thumb brought my lip away from
the grasp of my teeth.
"It drives my crazy"
He told me and kissed my collarbone

Soon I was on the ground with Michael on top, my shirt somewhere on the ground with Michael's, as he kissed my neck leaving love bites everywhere his right hand went behind my back to unclasp my bra and my eyes widened as realization hit me, my fingers untangled themselves from his hair and my hands pressed against his chest

M-michael stop"
I said and pushed him lightly and quickly his hands were off of me and so was he

"I'm sorry, i um got carried away"
He apologized and scratched the back
of his neck looking around the room, I
sat up and shook my head.
"It's okay Mikey, I'm just not ready"
I told him honestly, he smiled at me
He rose an eyebrow and I blushed as I
realized had called him that
"Oh um I'm sorry"
I said and he grinned
"Don't be, I like it"
He said and I nodded, he pulled me in
his lap and again made me straddle his waist, he left a small kiss on the hickey he had made behind my ear
He said and kissed my forehead
"Is what I had been waiting for the past two years"
He finished and kisses my cheek
"I love you"
He kissed my other cheek
"So fucking much"
He kissed my nose and I giggled
"Can I asked you something?"
He said and I nodded
"Does this mean you at least don't hate me?"
He asked and scratched the back of his neck and my heart turned jelly
"What do you think?"
I said and grinned kissing his nose, he
smiled back at me
"Can you do me a favor?"
He asked and I rose an eyebrow
"Depends, what type of favor?"
I said and he chuckled but then his face went serious
"Tell me you love me, I don't give two
fucks if you mean it or not, I wanna
hear you say it, just say it, you don't
have to mean it"
He said and looked me dead in the eyes
"I um, i-i love you, mike"
The words sounded so foreign coming
out of my mouth, but it felt good for some reason. He grinned and kissed my cheek
"I love you too, Sid"

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