Private Jet?

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Sydney's POV:

Shaking. All I felt was violent shaking. I let out a groan as I covered my face with my blanket
"Go away"
I mumbled as i pushed Michael away from me
"No you have to get up"
He pushed as he, again, shook me
I groaned, once again, pushing him away
"Because! It's 5am"
He said clearly annoyed
"That's exactly the reason why I should be asleep!"
I exclaimed
"We have to go! Hawaii! Remember!"
He asked more like screamed, and that's when everything came back to me, trip, Hawaii, beach house, leaving tomorrow or well today. But! I really love sleep, sleep is the reason why I wake up in the morning. Sleep is what gets me thought the day. I was then broken out of my thoughts when I felt my body being jerked up and out of bed, hands grabbed both my arms as I stood up but as soon as they left I fell to the ground and groaned in pain
I rubbed my bum, my eyes opened to see Michael standing in front of me with a smirk on his face and my blanket in his hands
"What are you doing?
I asked him
"Get up"
He ordered and with a sigh I got up, he wrapped me in the blanket as I looked at him confused, he then grabbed my pillow and handed it to me and I cuddled into it
"What are you doing, Michael?"
I asked again still confused, he just shook his head as if to tell me to shut up and so I did, he then picked me up bridal style and I let out a small squeal which caused him to chuckle. Smiling I cuddled into his chest and Listened to his steady heartbeat and my eyelids started to get heavy again. Soon he placed me in the passenger side of the car and shut the door as I cuddled into my blanket and pillow and soon fell asleep again.

I could feel myself being carried, I slowly opened one eye to see Michael looking ahead, while he carried me, I smiled sleepily and cuddled into his chest. He soon stopped and I started talking to someone,
"the pilot will be here in about 5 minuets and we'll take off 5 minutes after that"
A deep voice told him, why was he giving all this information to Michael?
"Okay, it the room set?"
Wait what? Room? On a plane?
"Yes sir"
The deep voice assured him, wait. Sir?  Soon i felt him climb stairs and then walk again. After about a minute I was placed on something soft, I opened my eyes to see Michael looking down at me with a smile, I looked around to see I was in a room.
I asked still looking around
"Yes, love?"
"Why is there a room in a plane?"
"Oh babe this is a private jet"
"A private jet?"
I nodded and he kissed my forehead
"I'll be back with you in 10 minutes"
He stated as I nodded
"Don't run"
He said pointing a finger at me and I quickly shook my head not wanted what happened last time. He smiled and walked out if the room as I relaxed and snuggled into my blanket.

After some time Michael came back and quietly got in bed, i guess he thought I was asleep. He pulled me closer to him and cuddled me. He smelled so good it Made me nuzzle my head in the crook of his neck, he chuckled and kissed my cheek and I slowly drifted into a nice sleep.

Small chapter, I know but I'll make sure the next one is worth the read

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