A Trip

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Sydney's POV:

I stared at him in disgust, pure and utter disgust, I know he was drunk and all but still I really wanted to Rip his hair out and shove it in his mouth but I controlled myself and just lied in bed with his arms wrapped tightly around my waist.

I stayed awake till the morning just because I was afraid that if I fell asleep he'd do something.

At about 1 pm he started to stir and eventually opened his eyes and groaned, he roughly untangled his arms from my waist and brought them up to his eyes to rub them.
"What are you looking at? Get me something for this fucking headache!?
Holy shit yelling hurts"
He yelled at me and then mumbled the last part to himself but I heard it. I quickly got out of bed and ran downthe stairs to get his medicine, I don't even know why i was running and rushing stuff, it's not like I was his personal servant or anything.

With a sigh I walked into the room with a glass of water and a white pill in hand
and walked over to him. He took it from
me and chugged down the water as I looked at him, I knew I looked like a mess, I probably had bags under my eyes
He asked harshly
"You don't remember?"
I blurted out without even thinking
"Excuse me?"
He snapped and lied back down on the bed with his hands massaging his forehead
I mumbled
"Tell me Sydney!"
He snapped again
"You made me-me.... "
"Spill it out damn it!"
"You made me strip for you!"
I yelled as tears streamed down my face, his face softened as he sat up
"I did?"
He questioned so gently I didn't even hear him, I nodded as I sniffled
"I'm so so sorry princess, come here"
He said and ever so gently grabbed my hand and made me sit on his lap as I looked down
"Baby please I'm sorry, there was so much to think about yesterday and I-i handled my problems in the worst way possible and I regret everything I did, baby please forgive me"
He spoke as he hugged me and nuzzles his head in my hair
"You-you won't do that ever again, Michael"
I said to which he looked up as if he was hurt
"I would never baby, I'd never do something that would ever make you uncomfortable"
He said to which I mentally rolled my eyes
You did that the second you kidnapped me
I thought
"What did you say?"
He suddenly snapped making me jump out of his lap
Crap you said that out loud!
I mumbled/stuttered
"Press my head"
He ordered and I rolled my eyes and let out a dry laugh
"Yea right"
And with that I walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind me, I already knew he's gonna be pissed when I walk back out but he had to know that I'm not his slave and he can't order me around.
I took my time and did my business and gave myself a little pep talk, I slowly open the door and walked outside to see him still on the bed.
"Come here"
He said through gritted teeth, I quickly walked towards him and stood beside
"You just love getting me mad, don't you?"
I stayed quiet, looking down at my
feet, I heard looking sorry about your mistakes helps
"Don't make me scream, Sydney, how many time have i told you to answer me?"
Again I stayed quiet, what could I say
'Oh yea you told me that about five times'
Yea no.

is hands grabbed both of my wrists tightly as he looked me dead in the eyes, I let out a small whimper trying to break loose from his firm grasp

"Answer me!"
He demanded tightening his grip
I said below a whisper
"No what!"
He once again, yelled
"N-no, I don't l-like getting y-you mad"
I replied but for some reason his grip got
"M-michael please you're h-hurting me"
I cried out, suddenly his grip loosened
and his face went soft
"Oh I'm so sorry baby, I didn't mean to hurt you, you know it's hard for me to control my anger and you just love testing my patience which I clearly don't have"
He hugged me as I rubbed my wrists
"Are you bipolar?"
I blurted out before even thinking and my hand found its way to my mouth It went silent after that, he didn't say anything, neither did I.

After a long silence he finally spoke up
"You think I'm bipolar?"
He questioned and I slowly nodded my head
"I'm not"
He answered calmly
"You act like you're bipolar"
I pushed
"Well I'm not"
He said again and then walked to the
bathroom as I walked down to the kitchen.

After breakfast and all we were sat in the living room.
Michael's voice broke the silence
I replied back looking at him
"I planned a trip for us"
He stated as I rose an eyebrow
"A trip?"
I asked
"Yea a trip to Hawaii, I know you always wanted to go there"
He said as he smiled and took my hand in his
"Why? I'm not going anywhere with you, if I leave the chances of me going back to my family would be even thinner and I honestly don't trust you, what if you kill me there? No one would find out"
I rushed out and he squeezed my hands and chuckled.
"I'm not going to kill you, why would I do that? I love you and I planned the trip because I'm getting tired of staying in this house and I'm sure as hell you are too, so I thought we could both use a Vacation"
He said still grinning like a child and I couldn't help but smile a little
"Michael will you let me meet my parents? I'm not talking about today
like will I ever see my parents again?"
I asked tearing up just thinking about
"Of course princess, I can't keep you away from your parents forever"
He assured me and pulled me into his side
I said as I smiled because for some odd reason unknown to me I trusted him and I knew he'd let me meet my parents and I also knew that he won't let me meet them until and unless he got what he wanted and that was for me to like him back but I don't even know him so that's gonna take some time.

I cuddled into him and I felt him play with my hair, I always loved it when people played with my hair, it felt nice.
It was silent for a while and I was enjoying but Michael decided to break
"You don't have to worry about packing, I already did it and the stuff has been sent to the beach house over there and everything has been set up, we just have to leave in the morning"
He told me and kisses my forehead
"A beach house!? We'll have a beach house!?"
I exclaimed getting excited as I sat up on my knees facing him he chuckled and nodded.
"I always wanted a beach house"
I stated zoning out into space
"Yup know, and I'm here to make your dreams come true"
He said as he took my hand in his and brought it up to his lips and kissed it as I blushed and sat back down smiling.
"We leave tomorrow?"
I asked
He replied simply as i nodded

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