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Sydney's POV:

I woke up expecting light outside, but it was pitch black. Michael was snoring loudly, my back was pressed against his front, he was holding me close to him, there was no space between us but his grip was lose. Maybe God woke me up so I can escape, I thought to myself and smiled. slowly and gently I got out of his grasp and as soon as I was out of bed I did a small victory dance and grinned. I guess I can finally have my old life back
That's what you thought last time Sydney
I pushed that thought aside and tried staying positive. I reached the door and put my hand on the knob, before I could twist it someone cleared their throat. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and turned around, I should've noticed he stopped snoring the minute I got out of bed!
"What do you think you're doing?
he asked, his hair was flat against his
forehead, his voice raspy and face filled with anger.
"I needed water"
I replied hoping to look as innocent as possible
He asked, with one eyebrow raised
"Y-yes Michael"
I answered him, now doubting my own lie
"Never seen someone dance for water"
He informed me, looking me dead in
the eye
"I was very thirsty?"
Wow it came out like I was asking him if I was thirty
"You don't sound sure about that, princess"
Okay, now he was just getting on my nerves
"You know what Michael, no! I was  not thirsty, No I was not getting water! I was trying to get away from this hell hole! Trying to get my life back! That you ruined! Just because you claim you love me! But no! If you love me, let me go"
I yelled at him, trying my hardest not to let the tears fall, he looked a bit taken aback by my little outburst but he quickly covered that up by laughing dryly, my eyebrows knitted in confusion, was he really laughing right now!?
"Oh princess"
He got out of bed and walked over to me but I didn't back away this time, I stood there, my eyes fixed on him trying to figure out his next move, I thought he'd slap me, or pin me against the door cause I figured he really loved doing it since every day he had me pinned against a wall or door or anything really and it was getting me very angry. But to my surprise he came up to me and hugged me, freaking hugged me! And I have no idea what came over me but I hugged him back, just as tight, he buried his face in my hair as I sobbed into his bare chest
"Shh babe, calm down"
He tried to sooth me by stroking my hair and it was actually working, and deep down, very very deep down in
twisted, jet black heart, I knew I could trust him but I didn't wanna show it to him.
"I'm sorry"
He said and I pulled away from the hug but his arms were still wrapped loosely around me
"W-why, you got what you w-wanted"
I said as I sniffled, his thumb cleared my face with tears and he smiled
"You already know what I want, now
let's Get back to sleep, huh?"
He rose an eyebrow at the end and I
nodded and he carried me bridal style to the bed and set me down on the bed and climbed in next to me as I slowly fell asleep.

I woke up to an empty bed, I sat up and knit my eyebrows and a note fell on my lap, I giggled cause it was a sticky note, stuck on my forehead. I smiled and picked it up

'I'm so sorry princess but I had to go out and get some work done with the lads and I won't be home till night so do whatever you want, just don't try and escape, remember what happened last
time? Well love ya xx'

It read, I sighed and got out of bed. I decided to take a bath so I walked to
the bathroom and opened the tap to the bathtub and striped.

After shaving and all I got out after about 2 hours and dried myself, I wore black jeans and tank top. I knew Michael wouldn't like it but he's not here sooooooo....

I went down and to get breakfast but
it was already 3pm. awe well breakfast
for lunch, thought to myself and started with food.

After food and washing up the wrecked kitchen I walked to the living room and plopped down on the couch and opened the tv.

It was 9pm and I was getting pretty bored so I shut the tv and got up, as soon as I got to the stair case the front door flew open with a loud thud as it hit the wall. I turned around to see all 3 of the boys holding Michael while they giggled like small school girls. Michael was a wreck, his hair was a mess, his eyes red, my worst
nightmare, he was drunk off his mind,
they set him down on the couch and
turned to me
"I'm not dealing with him"
I stated and started heading up the stairs but a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me back down
"You need to, he needs someone with
him when he's THAT drunk"
Calum told me as he let go of my hand
"You take care of him, he's your friend"
I pointed out crossing my arms
"God Sydney just stop arguing, we need to go"
Ashton groaned as he pulled at his hair
in frustrating
"But I don't wanna"
I whined as I stomped my foot on the ground like a child and pouted, they all chuckled at my reaction and headed towards the door
"Nonono you can't leave me with a drunk guy in the house, what if something happens?"
I questioned walking behind them
"you'll be fine"
Luke said and I glared at him but he didn't see. And with that they left the house and slammed the door shut in my face as I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath
"Fuck you Michael"
I whispered to myself and walked towards the living room to find Michael sitting on the couch staring at his fingers, I raised my eyebrow at him and walked towards him
"Are you okay?"
I asked and then mentally faced palmed myself for asking that, he looked up at me and for a second my heart stopped, he's so hot, his eyes traveled up and down my body making me feel uncomfortable
"You're so hot"
He slurred in my ear and bit my earlobe, his hand resting on my thigh, but soon he pulled away from me and looked at my legs
He pointed at my jeans
He ordered, even when he's drunk he knows what he wants. He stood up but
then fell back on the couch due to him being drunk and unstable, I didn't know what type of drunk he was, he for sure wasn't a giggly drunk, maybe an angry or quiet drunk, I sure hoped he was a quiet drunk.

I was wearing a tank top that just reached my waist so I didn't know what to do so I just sat there staring at him blankly, he rose an eyebrow
He screamed, angry drunk it is
"I'll be right back"
I said and stood up but he grabbed my
hand and made me stand in front of
He ordered, excuse me!
I told him and he quickly stood up
towering over me and I looked down
"I may be drunk princess but I still am
capable of everything while I'm sober"
He slurred
"Take me to our room"
He told me and I quickly nodded my head and wrapped my arm around his waist and his arm wrapped around my shoulder and I helped him up the stairs to the room, as soon as we entered the room I set him on the bed and he lied down.
"Now strip"
He told me once again, I didn't want him to get more angry maybe if I striped he wouldn't take stuff further and just fall sleep
"Do it!'
He yelled and I jumped at the sudden change of volume, I swallowed my pride and stood in Front of the bed and started taking off my top as tears fell down my cheek, I then took of my jeans looked up at him and wiped away the tears but they didn't stop running down my face.
"Did I say stop?"
And just as he said that I started sobbing
"N-nno i-i-i won't d-do that"
I choked out between sobs, Michael sat up a little on the bed
"Do it!"
He screamed making me shake my head
"I wo-nt do it"
I said as I cried
"Do it before I do it myself"
He warned and with that said I slowly reached for the clasp of my bra and unhooked it as I shook badly due to the sobbing, I was too ashamed to even look up at him. Then I took of my panties, that when a loud sob left my mouth and I took it off.
"Good girl, now Go put one of my shirts on"
I nodded and went to grab my underwear
"No! Just your panties"
Tears fell like a waterfall as I nodded and picked up my black panties and walked to the closet and I put on one of his flannels that said 'IDIOT' on the back and climbed in bed next to him.
"You're beautiful"
He mumbled and soon soft snores could be heard.

I didn't sleep that night.


That was long... And I'm sorry if that sucked I've never had an encounter with a drunk person before... Anyways please vote and comment what you think, tell me all the flaws so I can fix them and make it better xx

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