6.Date night!

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Your outfit for the date ☝☝☝

"Guys I don't know what the fuck to do!!!" I was sitting at a lunch table with my mates: Dinah,Justin,Jess,Normani,Ally and Lauren, I was freaking out about tonight I had NOTHING planned.
"Dude chill!" Lauren said, I looked at her with guilt "I'm such a shit girlfriend,I thought I had this in the bag now I'm sitting here freaking out!"

We were sitting at our lunch table discussing what I should do for my date with Camila and me being the disorganised person I left it till last minute I could've thought about it last night but I drifted off to sleep and now I'm absolutely shitting myself I was lost in thought until I felt someone's arms around my waist "hey Camila" I said with a forced smile "what's wrong babe?" Camila asked "Oh nothing just really tired and I had no s-," the school bell rang and Camila said "We'll finish this later baby I got Maths," she strolled of. "SHIT I got history goddammit- oh well at least I'm with Dinah, her and Camila are close enough for me to get some info for our date." We were sitting in history my palms were sweaty and my heart was beating fast, until I saw Dinah walk in with a smirk "Alright Y/N I got a plan but you need to keep up with me yeah and don't doze off!" The tall lighskin women said, "Alright I'm listening,whacha got?!" I asked feeling like I couldn't waste a minute of planning. One whole hour of planning and discussing we finally had a plan and thank fuck for that, "Thanks Dinah, for helping me out!" I shouted at her from across the hallway outside our classroom "no problem Y/N and remember the bannana's!" "Thank you!" I yelled back.

It was the end of school and I was relaxing leaning on my car, on my phone,then I saw my princess coming towards me "hey babe," she said "hey baby,you okay?" I asked "Yeh I'm fine,I'm excited for tonight! Are you?" she asked with love in her eyes "I'm sorry that I asked you to not take my anywhere, I know I'm putting you through a lot but I didn't want you spending A LOT of money on me,I don't care what we do, as long as we're together and we're happy," I melted at her words "It's okay babe I got it all sorted out,you've got nothing to worry about...at least I think so!" She chuckled at my statement and gave me a quick peck."Babe I'll see you later my parents are picking me up!" "Okay babe see you at 7!" I waited until she walked out of my of my site.I quickly got into my car and texted my friends what the plan was and told them to meet at mine in 5 I put on my seat belt,blasted done music and drove off.

I ran into my house and got my outfit out i had to work quickly no matter what happens as long as I look good I've got nothing to worry about- at least I think so.

I heard the doorbell ring,I looked at the time-4:00 great I've got enough time.I opened the door and Justin,Dinah,Ally,Lauren,Normani and Jess came running in with all sorts of lights,food,all sorts of items and decorations in their hands,god thank you for blessing me with great friends."All right guys let's fucking do this!" I shouted out feeling confident.

I hour later
"Oh my god you guys are life savers thank you so much for everything, you guys are the best!" We all embraced in a group hug "Don't worry Y/N you've got this that's what we're here for...to help you smash!!!" Justin said,with a smirk, I punched his shoulder lightly as we all chuckled together. 1 by 1 they all headed out giving hugs and good lucks until Dinah was the only one left, me and Dinah were probably the closest ones in the group she had my back and I had hers "what's up Dinah?" I asked her, placing my hand on her shoulder,she looked down with worry "I'm just scared you'll get broken, me and Camila are best friends but I'm scared of you guys breaking up eventually leaving me to choose between you guys" I gave her a comforting hug "aww Dinah don't worry me and Camila won't make you choose and I'm praying we don't break up but trust me if we do then we're not gonna make you choose Yeh?" I let go of her and kissed her on the cheek "you've got nothing to worry about Chick,I've got your back" We did our handshake as we were saying our bye's at the front door "Alright Y/N brownies and cookies are in the cupboard,ice creams in the fridge,you can simply order the pizza-hawaiin is her favourite,roses are in the garden,candles and outside lighting is already set up,the projector and seating is arranged it's pretty hot tonight so don't worry about blankets too much but I brought one just in case, and finally remember the game room first then the movie okay?" "Are you sure about the game room?" I asked Dinah still nervous about the idea "Y/N don't worry Camila loves games she loves pool,table tennis,board games and finally video games-she never shuts up about them..but don't tell her I told you,it ruins the surprise!" "All right Dinah I trust you,again thank you so much for the help,it really means a lot," I said with a smile "it's okay chick anytime see ya and tomorrow you best tell me every single detail of what happened dawg!" "Don't worry I got you see ya chick!" I chuckled at the way me and her talk to eachother until she disappeared through the door around the corner of the street.

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