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               💜MARINETTE'S POV💜

I woke up and suddenly felt cold.As I turned around I saw that Chat was gone,I couldn't help but smiled when I remembered yesterday.I quickly got ready for school and because I was early ,for the first time in my live,I decided to walk through the park before school. When I walked out of the bakery and as I locked the door I went straight to the park.Halfway there I realized that the strange fog was falling but I keep on walking.Then I heard a person behind me:
Guy-"Well hello,puppet!"
Mari-"What,wh...who are you?!"
Guy-"Just an old friend of yours"
Mari-"Wait..I remember you"
Guy-"That's right Marinette,It's me Leonardo!"
Mari-"Leo?What are you doing in Paris!?"

I started walking backwards but Leo kept walking closer to me.I didn't know what to do. I felt strong pressure on my shoulders.Once Leo's big blu eyes appeared I felt chills coming down my spine.

Leo-"Mari,do you trust me like you use to do?"
Mari-"Y..ye..yeah why?"
Leo-"Then just trust me!"

He pulled pice of red ribbon. Then I felt tissue on my mouth and I blacked out.

                        💚CHAT'S POV💚

I left Marinette's house crca 3am and went to my mansion.When I woke up I decided to take a patrol because I woke up 3 hours earlier than I should.I went to the park where was pretty foggy. I could see two figures talking.I overheard theirs conversation and than a familiar name popped out. Marinette,what's she doing here?!I came closer and saw a boy talking to her,than the huge man comes and grab her and she fell on the ground.I wanted to protect her but my superhero instincts told me to follow them.

              💜MARINETTE'S POV💜

I woke up in some kind of the cold room,I could hear voices.
Leo-"Good you're awake!"
Mari-"Leo,why are you doing this?"
Leo-"You know why Mari,or should I say Ladybug!"
Mari-"Ok,I told you that.What do you need?!"
He just kept playing with his ribbon.
Mari-"You keept it?"
Leo-"Why wouldn't I,that's the only thing reminding me of her."
Leo-"So how's with that new boyfriend of yours?Chat Noir isn't it?"
Mari-"Why are you asking?!"
Then he jumped of the chair he was sitting on and hugged me tight.I couldn't breathe,my face turned red and I felt him rubbing my back. My eyes started to tear up and when he felt the tears he started peting my face.
Leo-"It's going to be okay,I promise you blueberry(aka the stupid nick name I came up with )

                      💚CHAT'S POV💚

He is so going to get it, who gives him a promisinon to talk like that with my princess.
I just jumped through the window and they turned to face me.
Mari-"Chat,don't do anything stupid!"

I was to late I already touched him with my cataclysam and  he turned into the pile of dust.
She screamed and started crying. I run tu her with a smile and huged her like I didn't saw her for years.
Mari-"Why did you do that?"-she sad while sobbing.
Chat-"Because I promised I'll protect you!"
She pushed me away and I was concerned when she took pice of red ribbon that was on top of the Leo's dust.
Chat-"Princess what are you doing?!"
Mari-"Just leave me alone Chat!"
Mari-"You just killed the only person I had left!"
Chat-"What are you saying Mari?!"
Mari-"My parents died in airplane crash and he was my stepbrother!"
Chat-"What,since when you have stepbrother?"
Mari-"You see my mum was with a man before my dad.His name was William.When she had to move to Paris she find out she was pregnant.That's when my brother was born.Soon after he was born my Mum decided to get divorced from William.So she did but Leonardo stayed in England with his father and my mum moved to Paris where she married my dad and they got me. Few years after William died and Leon was 15 at the time ,so he decided to come to Paris to live with us! This ribbon was the only thing that she gave him before he moved out 5 years ago.I asked him to come and pick me up.But he needed to scare me and because of my tumor I easy got dazed."
I wached surprised and sad for her in the same time.

Chat-"Why didn't you told me anything before?"
She sobbed and said through the tears-"you killed only thing I had left!"
I felt so bad but I needed to confort her-" Hey,you are not alone Mari!"
Mari-"Chat could you take me home please."
Chat-"Well of course,anything for my princess?"
Mari-"Just do it!"

I picked her up and short after we landed on top of her house.I placed her on the bed and then decided that I want to stay with her until she's all right.
Mari-"Chat,please go home.I don't need you now.I'm okay."
Chat-"Meowch princess ,that was harsh!"
Mari-"Sorry,I didn't mean to be rude.I just want you to go..." That last part she mumbled so I couldn't understand wat exactly she was saying.
Chat-"Ok,Princess.I'll be back tonight to see you!" I gave her little kiss on the cheek and left through the open window.Something was with her but I didn't know what!?

             💜MARINETTE'S POV💜

After Chat left I didn't know what to do,I was sad and angry because he killed my stepbrother,jet still I needed his warmth and comfort.I needed someone who knows me like he does! I sat there hugging my pillow while hot tears were slipping down my cheeks. After my crying episode I stood up and went my way to the bathroom.I got razor from a cabinet and started cutting myself.Warm blood started pouring down my hand on the bathroom sink.It felt great,all pain,stress and sadness flew away and I was finally happy.I just made more and more cuts on my wrist and after I finished my treatment I grabbed a towel and wiped all blood.Than I realized that I wasn't on my 1st period,so I rushed to my school (before that I got dressed and bandage my wrists)

At  school

Alya-"Girl,were have you been! I've been looking all day for you!"
Mari-"I just got up late,that's all..."
I was really surprised when I saw how Adrien was looking at me,I just tugged my long sleeved t-shirt to cover my wounds.Hopefully no one noticed.

                💚ADEIEN'S POV💚

I was just joking with Nino when I saw Alya coming with MARINETTE next to her.WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE! SHE SHOULD BE HOME RESTING!I wached her tugging het t-shirt down.Something is wrong and I need to find out what..maybe no as Adrien but as Chat Noir!

🖤So what do you think will happen next..write in the coments..sorry for not being able to post this story for long ..I had like hundreds pages to lern so yeah..How do you like the story?


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