14. Crush

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I asked Legolas whether he wanted to come with me for a walk in Lothlorien, which he accepted graciously. The elf stood and walk towards where I sat before offering his arm for me.

As we walked around the city of Galadhrim, I spoke, "It's been a while now that we take a walk like this," I muttered, remembering our time in Rivendell.

"Aye," he replied smiling which I returned him.

Another moments passed before we were surrounded by beautiful, tall mellorn trees that seemed to glow mysteriously under the sunlight. Galadhrim was breathtaking. My eyes scanned the environment and took in its beauty, inhaling the smell of fresh forest. I exhaled loudly.

"I knew that face well," said Legolas who smiled at me widely, "You look exactly how I felt hundreds years ago when I first lay my eyes upon the beauty of the mellorn trees and its bountiful leaves under the golden light."

I just realized that I had been so comfortable that I didn't notice Legolas studying me. He smiled boyishly as I looked at his glowing face. He looked so at home and natural here, among the trees. I noticed that he was no longer in his green hunting tunic. Now he was clothed in silver tunic that looked regal on him, while a circlet rested around the crown of his head. He looked so handsome and charming- like a prince, I thought, which was very appropriate because he was one.

Unlike a couple days ago, he no longer seemed distressed at Gandalf's passing. I remembered again how I treated him that day outside of Moria. I felt guilty at refusing such a kind comforting gesture from him, knowing that I hurt him in the process.

"I'm sorry Legolas."

"For what?" he questioned, looking slightly confused.

"For being cold, that time when you tried to comfort me outside Moria."

"There's nothing to be sorry for, Leane. I knew you were grieving. So was I," he said with a soft smile, "You needed time and wanted to be left alone, which I could understood. We all grieved in our own ways."

"I don't deserve you," I said shaking my head in wonder, "I don't deserve any of you." He brought up his hands to my cheek and touched it gently, his eyes sympathetic.

"What happened to Gandalf is not your fault. We all know you had our best interest in your heart. If by letting the fate take its course will give us our best chance, then we are all grateful and we will trust your decision to let things happen the way it should be," he said matter of factly.

I smiled at him. He continued.

"Promise me not to blame yourself any longer, Leane. I hate to see you suffer under your own condemnation," he said, sadness etched on his face.

"I promise," I said, hugging his side, "Thank you for believing in me," I added, pulling away from him and beamed. A handsome smile lit up his face.

"By the way... You look very handsome today, my prince," I blurted before I could stop myself and gave him a lopsided smile with a hint of playfulness to cover my slip up.

"That's a first," he said innocently, "You never called me handsome before, let alone 'my prince'. I was always pretty to you."

By this time I realized that his curiosity was genuine. I was amused at how innocent he looked. I shook my head smiling.

"It was a slip up. It won't happen again, pretty boy," I said smugly. At this, his eyes twinkled in mischief and he grinned.

"Why do you have to do that? I thought you finally recognized my good look but now you have to crush my pride and call me pretty," he nudged me gently. It tickled, causing me to giggle a bit as he poked my side.

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