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Robin POV

After the awkward scene between Ryan and Joe class went on as usual.

I tried focusing on my work but would find my eyes drifting to the front of the classroom or wherever he stood in the room. His presence commanded the classroom with every movement he made and I hadn't noticed the amount of females in the classroom drooling over this man until today.

Every time our eyes would meet for a second my heart would beat even faster. Sometimes he would either wink my way having caught my stare and I would feel myself melt in my seat.

I was feeling a lot of foreign feelings but I embraced the emotions he brought out of me. I needed to be alone with him and had decided on inviting him to lunch since he always was the first to offer to take me out.

After skinny dipping with Joe over the weekend I was feeling more bold than usual and was itching for some alone time with him.

Class was over in no time and I was anxious not to hide my feelings for Joe as I found it inreasingly hard to do lately. Everybody packed their things and  filed out of class eager to get to enjoy their lunch break. Joe was busy helping out a brunette female at his desk and I decided to wait for him.

"Where do you want to go for lunch?" Ryan asked packing up his things.

"I was actually going to the library to catch up on some work," I made up an excuse as I took my time packing my things into my back pack.

"Didn't you come from the libabry earlier?" He asked raising his eyebrow at me.

"Yeah well, I have a few questions for Mr. Anoa'i so it may take a while," I answered back looking at him as he gave me a knowing smirk.

"Still crushin' on Coach I see," he wiggled his eyebrows teasing me.

"Why do you keep saying that?" I asked placing my backpack over my shoulders.

"Because it's true. You've been checking him out the past hour Freckles." He chuckled.

"Besides, he looks busy with one of his fans," he pointed in Joe's direction as he was still helping the gorgeous brunette who seemed to want all his attention. Joe didn't seem phased by her obvious flirting as he ignored her obvious passes at him.

The way she looked at him made me uneasy but I knew couldn't show my discomfort in front of Ryan. Especially now that I know he thinks I have some sort of crush on Joe.

"I'll just catch him some other time," I told Ryan changing my mind on the lunch date with Joe. I would just have to make plans with him some other time.

"Aww are you getting jealous?" he teased laughing poking my cheek as we left the classroom.

"Am not." I swatted his hand away, irritated by his antics.

We left the classroom into the busy hallway and I couldn't help but feel unsettled by the way the females seemed to gravitate towards Joe. I couldn't really blame them.

Joe definetly stood out in a crowd and he didn't even try.

"Hey guys!" Alicia greeted approaching us in the hallway.

"Sup Alicia," Ryan greeted.

"Hey," I waved her way.

"So Robin you're still going to the party right?" Alicia asked as she was determined to get me to go.

"Not this again," I groaned as we started walking.

"The frat party across campus?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah you're going right?" Alicia asked him and I  remembered her confessing her true feelings about Ryan when we went shopping for homecoming dresses.

"Hell yeah I'm going. Whole team is gonna be there," He replied to which Alicia grinned seemingly satisfied with his response.

"Awesome. Now it's time to get this one to go. You can't go back on your word Robin," Alicia spoke pointing at me. We walked down the hallway making our way through the sea of students heading towards the exit.

"Come on Freckles, you have to go. Frat parties are always known for having the best parties especially during homecoming week." Ryan explained as we walked out of the health building into the hot sun.

Campus was busier than usual with booths set up at every corner with alumni either trying to get you to sign up for something or bate you into participating in the homecoming activities.

There were people everywhere as staff and students rushed to get to the dinning hall or to the parking lot as they left campus for lunch.

"It's Tuesday," I shook my head as we walked through the crowd trying to leave campus.

"Wait. Freckles?" Alicia asked stopping in her tracks as we stopped with her.

"What's wong?" Ryan asked as we both looked at each other confused.

"You call her Freckles?" Alicia asked Ryan as she stood in front of us.

"Yeah. Is there a problem?" He asked her as she looked at him for answers.

"Nothing, just never heard you call her that before," she replied as she awkwardly messed with her hair.

We started walking again after her weird outburst not sure what to make of her freaking out over Ryan's nickname for me.

"So what are our lunch plans?" Alicia asked the both of us changing the subject.

"Taco stand," Ryan answered as we headed the opposite side of the dinning hall and headed towards the campus apartments where the taco trucks usually were.

"Awesome. So Robin, you're going to this party right?" Alicia asked again clearly not letting it go.

"Im not sure yet." I replied not wanting to confirm anything.

"You're going Freckles," Ryan stated playfully and I noticed the way Alicia looked uneasy when he called me that.

Alicia and I were in a good space and I hoped that everything stayed okay between us.

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